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The MLK is a small SUV based on the next C Class.

Basically to compete with the BMW X3.
It won’t have much trouble looking much better and more upscale that the cheap looking X3.

This illustration shows a cross between the next C Class and the ML.
Which is pretty much what it will end up looking like.

A Benz SUV in the low $30 000 could be a big hit.

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  1. i a big bmw person and thats all ive ever owned but i would totally agree with the x3 comment, the interior is cheap, the outside looks odd dont understand it at all. i wanted a small suv and went down to check out the x3. and was totally surprised at how cheap everything looked, and hard it rode

  2. personally i dont like MB, but this is a good idea, i wonder if they’re planning on 3rd row seats like the new rav4? and whats with forward facing 3rd row seats that cant fit anyone, what happened to the old side facing ones like on the last ML320?

  3. The problem is that it won’t be in the low-30s but upper-30s, low-40s…for a base model without leather. I’d expect the average price paid will be about 43K, which will still be lower than the average price of an M-Class. Remember, it’s a Mercedes and it costs to own own. Honestly though, the Acura RDX and Cadillac BRX will probably be a better buy with similar features.

  4. Mercedes MLK???

    I have a dream, that one day all Chevys and Toyotas, Fords and Hondas, Jeeps and Nissans, will be able to join hands in the ole racing spirtual and sing “Here he comes, here comes speed racer, hes a demon on wheels”

    Seriously, anyone have a guess of how long before the name is the target of a protest.

  5. Since the ML350 starts at less than $41k, I guess MLK350 would start at $35k, and perhaps they might even offer the 280 version at even lower cost.

    As for the naming scheme, I think there’s some room for fudging so they don’t have to use MLK, just because or CLK and SLK. After all, we don’t see EL or ELK, and probably for a good reason.

  6. I think they will use MLK.

    They use K for “Klein”, small in German.
    Like in SLK, a small SL.
    MLK would be a small ML.

  7. Here’s a website from the Car Spy shots: Most of the pics are from Autobild and some match the illustration you posted. However I am very curious about the rear window with many illustrations because it always looks like it moves upward.

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