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The redesigned TT is due pretty soon.
And this looks like an official Audi “teaser”.
But I am not sure. It might still not be.

One thing is sure, the TT has been spotted doing testing with almost no camouflage.
So it won’t be too long before we see the real thing…

I personally think the TT shouldn’t be redesigned. It is a one of a kind design that cannot be redone.
They should call the new coupe something else.

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  1. the original TT will always have a place in enthusiasts hearts as being a gorgeous design, but, I think it will evolve, kinda like the 911 and change over time to embody what Audi is, but in a small coupe / roadster body.

    I’m amped about the RSTT with the 300+ horses.

  2. I like the big square grill design on Audi sedans, but not quite sure if it will look good on a small sports car, like TT…

  3. maybe it will be like the previous generation jetta. it’s a classic in my eyes while the current one completely lost the ‘it’ factor the jetta possessed from 1999-2004.

    with the current/orignal TT possessing such a fantastic and original design, the next TT seems like it might garner the, “it’s nice but not a classic like the model it replaces.” looks-wise, a new interior and some exterior tweaks is all the TT needs to stay ahead of its competitors.

  4. from the spy shots ive seen in magazines the new tt,looks even less like a sports car than the current model, almost like an a4 coupe, no where near as original as the old one

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