New Mercedes C Class

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Well, the top picture is yet another illustration.
But the second one is an actual photo of the interior.
And it doesn’t look that special. A bit richer looking than the current one, but not that amazing….

I guess it’s enough to appeal to the faithful.
We’ll have to see.

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  1. I agree, Vince. The BMW 3-series is also ghastly. I wonder if the Audi A4 will be more radical compared to the current model. If so, it’ll have both the Bavarian and the Swabian licked.

  2. The interior looks similar to the older spyshot pix we’ve seen in the past. I was hoping they were false because they didn’t look that special.

    I think this new interior is a one step away from disaster. I question the ergonomics of all those tiny little buttons, as well as the placement of temperature control behind tall shifter.

    I’ve seen better designed interior in $15k compact cars. If you removed the three-pointed star from the steering wheel and ask people, “guess how much this car costs?”, I don’t think you’ll hear too many “$40k” answers…

  3. I actually like this dash better than recent MB efforts. MB used to be about thoughtful touches and rock-solid design and ergonomics.

    I’ve thought their recent efforts have been far too swoopy, almost approaching Pontiac levels of exaggeration.

    This is a welcome return to rational form…

  4. At this price point…I expect more detailed designs. My Mazda 3 looks nicer and seems to have better ergonomics than what I see here.

    Also, for as much controversry Bangle has caused at BMW, I’m seeing MB take steps in his direction lately. The rear end on the C-class is yet another example. (although maybe not as extreme as the new S-class)

  5. The exterior looks nice, S-Class like, a significant improvement.

    However, the interior is ghastly!!!! Why not bring in some of the simplicity and clean ergonomics like the New S-Class interior???!!!

  6. Nah…the second one’s a chop too…but a good one, really close to the Huckfeldt illustration…I’ve seen the original spyshot…

  7. im confused isnt this a luxury car, why is it supposed to have a radical interior mercedes has never had radical interiors or any german luxury car for that matter. on top of that what car in this class has a radical interior?? none of them. i personally would never want a mercedes but i do think this interior is nice, and the interior of the new 3 series. how does the 3 series have a horrible interior when it is leaps and bounds in the quality department over any of its japanese rivals especially the wanna be bmw G35 that looks cheap alongside cars that are $10,000 less. with the is being the only car that has close to the same quality that is what makes a bmw a bmw its not an infiniti that handles well with alot of horsepower and thats it, but it handles well has excellent performance and has excellent quality. Some companies just cant get it right for some people(and they werent desighned for those who just hate the brand) small buttons? come on if they put bigger buttons on than it would look like a buick, if they got rid of the buttons and used the command system for everything than they are being to technical. if the interior has leather wood and high quality plastics, chrome and excellent details its not good enough because it doesnt look like an exotic car on the inside you just cant win for losing lol…….

  8. Maybe MBZ is trying to cash in on the 80’s craze as of late because the interior looks like something from the duran duran era.

  9. It is a chop…if you look closely, you’ll see on the console, the bottom part with the radio buttons is a chop from the ford fusion…and the left air vents and knob are also a fusion chop. Looks like someone used an interior picture of a fusion. I may be wrong, but it does look like it. Am I the only one who sees this?

  10. Here’s the deal:
    Mercedes, being the first true car maker, has alway been about tradition and practicality. Prestige and high-tech innovation were merely the bi-products of relentless engineering in the persuit of creating the worlds greatest car. Anyone who’s ever owned a “real” Mercedes (anything boxy or pre-90’s) can tell you that above all else, quality came first. Now that Mercedes is finished resting on it’s laurels (see thier 1995-2005 quality slump) it is clear that they are pushing ahead again by doing what they’ve always done best. They’re building on thier own classic heritage. I have no doubt that myslef and all Benz-officianados will welcome the return of the true three-pointed star-car. This new C-class, therefore, will be only the beginning of Mercedes-Benz’ road back to excellence. So let’s see how it all plays out!

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