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The all new Opel Corsa will be shown at the London auto show this coming July.
From that illustration (and the spy shots), it will pretty much look like a small Astra.
And therefore, would make a really nice entry level Saturn over here.

Something to think about…

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  1. Is Opel just GM in Europe? How is it possible that GM can make almost every Euro car good looking and with descent quality and still make every crap piece of ugly shit here in the US???? I don’t get it!

  2. Yep, they’re doing so fine that they can actually get a little more than the $10,000 new Cavaliers used to sell for…sometimes on the new Cobalt they can get almost $13,000 for it!

    Honda and Mazda are crazy trying to sell that overpriced stuff, who will ever pay $17,000 or more for a compact car?

    People want cheap crap, they definitely aren’t willing to pay for any sort of fun nature, quality interior materials, or nice exterior styling.

    Sheesh, come on…That, or any Opel, would make a great GM car, hopefully Saturn can pull off being ‘re-badged’ Opels. For once, badge engineering would be welcome from the general. Its a matter of how long it will take them to get the cars here. Also how long will GMs current image take to reflect better quality cars could be a factor.

    Look at the Mazda 3. A $17,000 car with a high quality interior, fun engine, and great platform (which is a FORD!!!! platform from Europe…not here!) and it sells briskly with little incentives, and even comes in a hatch.

  3. if the last comment was true, opel/vauxhall just released the new astra in late 2004 so it would be approximately 2008-2009 before that replacement comes. if they can sell and profit from the astra in australia, then why not the u.s.?

  4. According to GM Insider News, the next Opel Astra will replace the Saturn Ion.

    Yes, Bob Lutz out and out said it. It will be built and the original Saturn plant in Tennesse. However, I think Saturn should still consider the Corsa for a subcompact Saturn

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