New US Cube in 2008

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The Nissan Cube will be all new for 2008 (the picture above is the current model)

And Francois Bacon, a Nissan “big Cheese” just announced that the next generation, coming for 2008, will be sold in Europe and the US.
But the car will have more power and will be a bit more aerodynamic than the current one. Although it will retain a similar shape.
Sounds like a lot of corporate BS mambo jumbo to me…

And I don’t know where the Cube will fit between the Versa and the new Sentra?

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  1. Who cares where it will “fit”. Hahahahaaaa! No pun intended! 🙂 The cube is cute. Bring it here. If it has descent power and is fuel efficient people will buy it!

  2. it doesn’t need to be powerful, only about 100 horses or so.

    It’ll fit, in my opinion, in a similar relationship to where the Scion xA, xB and tC fit together, so, with the xB being the most direct competitor, I’d say ~$14.5K for a base version.

  3. Yeah, that’s what I meant by descent. As long as they don’t try to get away with something like 85hp or something like that. The more I look at the cube the more I like it.

  4. The Cube is hottt. Love the one-side wrap-around window design. Let’s hope that Nissan won’t make too much design changes for the new model. I do agree more power and room are needed for the U.S. market…

    I wonder Cube vs xB- which car will sell more???

  5. these tiny pieces of crap are design to fit shorter japanese people.
    most americans don’t fit in such small cars.
    just imagine john wayne driving this

  6. Douchebag :
    I’m 6’2″ and I can stretch my legs completely both in front and in the back of the scion xb. Look at how tall those cars are.

    I’d like one here in Québec, Canada

  7. Shitface Douchbag also will not fit in this cube. His american ego is also too big. Fuck, he won’t even fit in a Nissan Titan!!!

  8. it would fit just like any other brand…matrix,corolla, echo, aveo cobalt hhr, fit,civic element….and so forth

  9. Summer’s Eve…you’re so fuckin fat. Get some exercise, go on a diet and then maybe you will fit into a real car!

  10. “the brake lights are on the bumper………… thats so stupid, even for a concept car”

    It’s not a concept car. It’s been on sale in Japan for years and is really popular over there. I’ve seen a couple of them here in the UK as well even though theyr not officially imported.

  11. This cube unit rocks, and it’s not a concept, this is the car that’s sold in Japan. Did you know that Japanese people can get over 6 feet tall. Yes, it’s true.I thought douch might make sense but he has just proven to me, the sharpest poster, that he is an asshole of the first order!If you don’t wash with a douch,you can get an infection. Nissan will overtake Toyota and Honda in North America by 2008

  12. the cube is so cool. ive tried for almost two years to import the one i had when i was in japan. i dont think nissan should change it-its still way ahead of its time. its color even has a cool name- “beans”.

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