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I know it is very covered. So much we can’t see much of the car.
I also know that the side looks pretty much like the current RX.
And that the Highlander is due for a redesign before the RX…

But I still think this is the RX and not the Highlander.
Also, it looks like they are hiding a dual glass roof similar to the one on the new ES. (A glass roof was supposed to be available in the current RX but I’ve never seen one)

So basically…. I’m not sure what this is…I know the next RX is supposed to have a more rounded style.
A mule for the next one, using parts of the current model? It would be too late in the life cycle for just a “facelift”.

You tell me.

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  1. Isn’t the current RX fairly new? Maybe this is the new Highlander (which, by the way, is long overdue).

  2. it’s not supposed to be a “real” SUV. if you want that from lexus, pick up a GX or LX. the RX is a cushy tall wagon that happens to look like an SUV.

  3. looks like maybe an mdx?? although we know that toyota does cover their cars like this…i don’t know what to make of this either

  4. just another SUV wannabe?…this is the the climax for a midsize SUV…it is the best selling as well

    i don’t think this is the newly desinged RX though…i think it is just a facelifted model to go along with the new 350 engine or it could be an RX450h…

    the body is the exact same as the current body

    the new model isn’t due for about 2 years

  5. That looks more like the Highlander in body style, to me. The side windows look rather squared-off which makes me think Highlander…or an RX mule of some kind.

    I’m thinking that the L-Finesse treatment will make the New RX more curvaceous…or something.

    And btw I have seen ONE RX 330 with sliding glass roof on the road…maybe it was a special order.

  6. Wow, that camo is is really something. Reminds me of the camoed ES350 shots.

    This car is too covered up to be able to tell exactly what it is; even the grill can’t be made out definitively. It’s tempting to say it’s an RX of some sort, but Toyota may be fooling us, and that may be the new Highlander.

    Having a black car with black camo is a smart idea because black hides character lines and body details the best.

    Even with the rims, it’s hard to say for sure if thats an RX.

    My guess is that it is either the new Highlander under heavy disguise, or it a disguised RX mule, testing next-gen RX components. The only problem with the mule idea is that Toyota typically doesn’t cover up their mules. The whole point of a mule is to use a current generation body shell, which removes any suspicion as to what the car is, while testing next-gen components under that shell. That would mean the exterior styling is something new, something Toyota doesn’t want anyone to see.

    One thing on my mind though … is this a recent picture? There’s a chance it may be an old spy shot, simply covering up the RX350 which has already gone on sale.

  7. I am not sure when the picture was taken, but not that long ago. A few months tops.
    The top of the doors actually look like the current RX.

  8. I thought the new RX330 just came out in 2004 as a 2005 model…am I mistaken? It would be strange that they were planning a redo this quick. Unless it’s just a facelift.

  9. That is probably a mule for the next rx or it could be a facelift late in the cycle. The 2007s are on sale now and as for the glass roof ive seen a few like of the current rx’s with that roof.

  10. “I am not sure when the picture was taken, but not that long ago. A few months tops.
    The top of the doors actually look like the current RX. “

    Well if it was taken a few months ago, that leaves open the idea that this is in fact the 2007 RX350. After checking with other, older RX spyshots, those rims have been seen on other camoed RXs before.

    I have also done some investigating and analysis of this photo, and from what I can tell, the front end does not belong to any current Toyota vehicle.

    Some of you may notice from the original shot (and more obvious once you modify the photo) that it has triangular foglights, like the new IS.

    Neither the RX350 or RX400h have triangular foglights.

    But then, after analyzing the rear end of the car, it is an almost exact match to the current RX rear end. The front is disguised to great length using cardboard, or possibly a decoy outer metal shell. Also above the foglights seems to be protrusion not seen on any current RX: it seems to either be part of the headlight design, or the headlight washers fully extended outward. There’s also a slight chance Toyota added those as bogus elements, which would be odd.

    My best guess is that this is likely a current RX shell testing select next-gen components, namely in the front end.

  11. “My best guess is that this is likely a current RX shell testing select next-gen components, namely in the front end.”

    I think you nailed it…

    The actual 2009 model will have a much more rounded design.

  12. Yes, I too have heard about the rounded design. There is at least one Lexus insider out there who says he’s seen the new RX, and said it looks really good. I don’t mean to hype anything up here, just passing on what he said.

    I actually quite like the current RX design, especially in hybrid form, with the 18″ rims. It seems quite sleek and rounded as it is, so it will be interesting how the Lexus L-Finesse design language is applied to the RX. I’m also very interested in seeing a new SC, because the current model is getting old in the tooth.

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