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A few weeks ago one of the new TT prototype crashed into a truck in Germany.
Audi was on the site within 30 minutes to retrieve the expensive prototype…

Sad news.

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  1. im sorry to hear that, may god bless their families. that is terrible they died testing a car, do you know the reason for the accident was it mechanical, driver error, or the truck. and is audi compensating the family in anyway

  2. Yikes, lets keep to happier stories? Was audi allowed to take the vehicle? In the US that vehicle would be going nowhere but the police lot if 2 people died.

  3. This is what was reported:

    “The explanation of the accident is that: Because of too high speed the truck from Italy came transverse and had a breakthrough the central reservation of the autobahn and crash into the Audi TT Mk2 prototype”

    I don’t think it is a safety problem with the car.
    Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do…

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