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No new cars or nipples today.
And this illustration isn’t great, but it’s something…

The GTR Concept shown a while ago is pretty different from this. So I don’t think this illustration is too accurate.
But the GTR is a go for the US market. As a Nissan or an Infiniti.

Maybe it’ll succeed where the GTO failed…

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  1. I don’t see how the GTO and the GT-R are really the same. Aside from them both being the ultimate performance pinnacle for their brands, but they are completely different in execution and price.

    This car is pretty crazy looking however. Its atleast more reasonable looking than the GT-R with the “non-production” front grill

  2. I had the chance to drive a previous generation Nissan Skyline GT-R. To tell you that this car is in a performance class beyond comprehension is an understatement. This is truly a drivers car that performs beyond the limits. Many people in this country will never see the justification for spending around $100,000 to import a Nissan, but for the small percentage who truly know what this car is all about, it is absolutely phenomenal. Reports are saying that this will be sold as an Infiniti in the U.S. because the American public won’t be prepared to pay Infiniti prices for a Nissan. The truth is, people who are going to buy a Skyline know what this car is all about, and I personally don’t feel like it should carry an Infinti badge. This reminds me of the Toyota Altezza being sold in the US as the Lexus IS300. People associate Lexus with luxury (rightfully so) and that is why the first-gen IS didn’t sell in big numbers. I fear the same thing will happen with this car if they sell it as an Infiniti. Either way, BRING IT ON

  3. i thought the nissan will be more of an acura nsx, chevrolet corvette etc…., sports car, and not the lower end because that is where the g35 and 350z are so it couldnt be in the same segment as the gto.

  4. I bet $50 that Summer’s Eve will come in here and say:GTO is GOD,f*ck that japmobile skyline. What an asshole.

    This ilustration looks a bit like the new V8 powered Z?

  5. you are kidding right?
    who would in their right mind, pay $100000 for this piece of crap in a country where you can get a brand new corvette for $45000?

    actually, let’s hope they bring this monstrocity over here and watch them go bankrupt within a year

  6. The civic SI can take the slalom at the same speed as the corvette and beat the viper. Thats not opinion thats a recorded fact, at 68mph I believe, im not sure about the exact numbers. Ultimately it does’nt matter where a car was made or how much it costs. What will almost undoubtedly make this car the performance standard when it arrives will be its track numbers and satifying performance.

  7. No, No, No!, This IS the new Altima coupe. Due Jan.’07 The sedan is this same car with 4 doors. Enjoy Honda and Toyota LOSERS! I know what I am talking about.

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