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Another rumor about the Volvo S60 future, or lack of…

The new S80, competing with the 5 series, hasn’t grown in size.
And a new S40 ,due for 2010, is supposed to be quite a bit larger than the current model to better compete with the 3 series.
That leaves the barely larger S60 in a tight squeeze.

Volvo is actually thinking of dropping the car when the new S40 comes out.
Not sure what would happen to the V70 Wagon.

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  1. i dont see how this makes sense, the s40 cant be growing to compete with the 3 series, the 3 series and c class are the smallest cars in the class, and not much bigger if at all bigger than the s40. next the s40 is based on the focus, if jaguar couldnt pass off a mondeo( a more upscale car in europe than here) why would a mazda 3 based volvo compete with the likes of the g35, tl, 3 series etc. volvo needs all three in my opinion or a whole new platform for the s40 dont see a mazda 3.focus based car competing with the best in the segment. s40-tsx, rsx, a3 etc. s60-tl, g35, c class, 3 series cts. s80-5 series, e class sts, etc. that makes sense….

  2. I loved my S60T5 although it seems just as big inside as my V50T5. The S60 needs to go up against the accord/altima/camry/mazda6 with just a little more cost. Why chase bmw, mercedes etc etc

  3. Good point. Volvo has always been a little quirky. I think they should stick with the S40 being small, and have a bargain basement entry price, but load up the top end with a very hot S40R with 300 horses, and all the typical sport hardware, but price it close to $40,000 to compete with the 330i. Atleast that would be my approach.

  4. Make the the S60 the RWD sporty model and keep the S40 and S80 FWD. That way they can charge a premium for the S60. Volvo made RWD cars untill 1998. I don’t see why they have to stay exclusively FWD now.

  5. Volvo isn’t one of the high volume makes, so why would they need more than two basic cars. Their budget would be better spent in other ares than another un-needed model replacement.

  6. don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    that car was a piece of crap.
    now everyone can see the truth
    they’re canceling it because nobody’s buying it!

  7. I guess they could still make an ‘S80 Lite’ and call it S60. Remember the C70 is on the same platform as the S40 these days, so the numbers don’t mean an awful lot—and for those oldies among us, there was the 940 and 960, 740 and 760, 240 and 260 (and 244 and 264), and 340 and 360 being virtually identical cars with (usually) engine differences. Who knows? The Volvo numbering system has always been a bit quirky.

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