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That’s right.
The Golf isn’t officially out in the US yet, and it is already being “facelifted” in Europe!
As you can see, it basically gets the front end design from the Jetta.
One thing that would be an improvement is a new dash. One that looks like it was designed by humans, not robots…

Does that mean the 2006 US model is already obsolete.
Or will they keep the “old” front end in the US for the next few years?

For the past few years (too many to count), it seems like the US market has just been an afterthought for VW…

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  1. It really shouldn’t make any difference what VW does because their cars offer nothing that can’t be obtained from better car companies.

    I don’t understand why anyone diddles with VW nowadays. OK, maybe some hippies from the ’60s want to relive their youth by owning something with a VW logo on it, but there are better looking, less troublesome, and less costly cars from which to choose.

    VW blew it when the company tried to go upscale and left all those Bug owners with nowhere to go but Toyota and Honda. Best to just ignore VW because VW has ignored the U.S. market for so long. It’s hard to imagine anything more yawnworthy than an “all-new” VW.

  2. the focus doesn’t need to be redesigned every 2 years, and it is still the best small car you can buy, anywhere
    and the new cobalt will outlive any of these foreign crap

  3. Well, Douchebag, the Focus tests out well, but was recalled how many times during it’s first year in the U.S.? It was either 7 or 11 times, I think. Using the Focus as an example of a great car is a bit weak, methinks!

    As for “foreign crap” that makes the Ford Fusion “foreign crap” because it’s built in Mexico, doesn’t it?

    And a Toyota Corolla built in Fremont CA is more foreign than a Mexican Fusion? How foreign is an Ohio-built Honda?

    Cars are so global now that origin makes no difference. Of course, none of this exempts VW from being crap;-).

  4. Douchebag douchebag douchebag…get your head out of your ass and fuckin wake up dude! The VW is getting a “facelift” duh, not a redesign…all car companies do it to keep their cars up-to-date looking. You really don’t know anything about cars, yet you are always spouting off about some American car being better than foreign. Go to school Summer’s Eve, maybe you’ll learn something.

  5. my uncle has had his golf for 22 years and it needs noting but an oil change every 4,000 miles and the occasional wiper fluid. if vw really wanted to be serious, they should bring the new seat leon over.

  6. vince, i love it when u show the old version with the new version pics and you didn’t here, and i dont have the time to look up the old front end and this seems so close to the old one ! one thing i wish all the car rags would always do, show the old one and the new one so we all can compare at a quick glance. thnx

  7. Actually… there is still one reason to buy a VW, at least for me: The sweet DSG tranny.

    But with VW already admitting that DSG requires more regular maintenance (never a good thing coming from the VW HQ), I would only lease one.

  8. It’s a shame you guys have to wait for the Golf V as it is a pretty good car. Though remember, too, you got the Beetle early, and the Passat V came to the US before it got to a lot of other markets. I guess Volkswagen just doesn’t treat the US compact class as a priority (why should it? The US Focus is a generation behind the European and African one) if it can still make a buck on the obsolete model.

  9. Didn’t VW just show the 2007 Golf at one of the car shows, with a “Golf” looking front end instead of that big ugly Jetta/Audi mouth? Which is strange, because I believe the GTi has the big ugly Jetta/Audi mouth.

    Say what you will about VW, they are actually the cheapest car to buy with significant amounts of safety gear. The dealers inevitably have to advertise something at a discount, and it’s often the Golf. You can’t get a Golf WITHOUT side torso airbags, side curtain airbags, and ABS. Try that with a Focus or Cobalt!

    (Although as a recent owner of a 2001 and 2004 Golf, I did feel the pain of an undiagnosable power cut-off after 45,000 miles on 2001 Golf.)

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