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The TS “Concept” is pretty much the same car as the one I posted a while ago.

It is a 1.8 Liter version of the small Toyota, with a sport suspension and 17 inch wheels..
And of course, it is not coming to the US…

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  1. they should leave out the “i”, so it would read Yars, short for “your arse!” That’s what this unsafe piece of garbage is. You should Look at one thing on this scrapper. There is only 6″ from the top of the headlight to the base of the windshield! YUK!

  2. BRING IT! BRING IT! A small, reliable, fun, lightweight car that is good on gas! With the rear seat down, I bet you could fit about 563 Summer’s Eve disposable Douches inside!! 🙂

  3. “Its dimensions may be compact, but the new generation Toyota Yaris has proved itself every bit as robust as its larger stablemates with a top safety rating in the latest round of Euro NCAP testing.

    The Yaris, shortlisted for European Car of the Year, has been awarded a full five stars for adult passenger protection, its score of 35 points matching the previous high total for a Toyota, set by the Corolla Verso. It joins the Verso, Avensis and Prius in gaining the five-star classification.” Quoted from WCF.

  4. Vince, is this the 140hp 1.8 found in the base corolla or the 180hp engine?

    The NCAP crash test showed the yaris (5 starts) is much safer than the chevy aveo (1.5 stars). In your face douchebag.

  5. I hear it is a new 1.8 Liter engine.
    The 180hp from the Corolla doesn’t comply with upcoming European regulations.
    I haven’t read anything on specs yet…
    And Yes, the yaris has had great crash tests results in Europe and the US.
    So Mr. Yeast Infection is flat out wrong.

  6. when this piece of trash ends up in front of my eldorado, we’ll the real crash results
    and it won’t be a test either
    i just can’t wait

  7. so Douche, you’re fantacising about rear ending cars?

    Glad to see a cheap pocket rocket, selling for probably $15K, instead of “refined” and much more expensive models such as WRXs and GTIs, selling to the young at heart, instead of the young.

  8. Summmer’s Eve:shut up.

    This car could be fun,it could compete with the Mini and blow the crap off an Eldorado,summer’s eve.

  9. so Douche, you’re fantacising about rear ending cars?

    Its just his daily brokeback moment.

    As for the Yaris, well its better looking than the Echo, but I’m still no fan.

  10. what a huge group of stupid ignorant asshole sheep. Toyota builds shit jap scrap. the only person on this whole post on the money is douchbag, the rest of you assholes are toyota lovin’ losers. toyota is trying to take over the world and you idiots are lining up. that’s how the germans reacted to Hitler

  11. Douchebag, whats with your vaginal obsession? Why do you use multiple screen names to spread you garbage. Go away.
    Douchebag jones, yeast infection, summer’s even all the same person. Ignore him.

  12. These other people are not Doughebag Jones.
    I think….
    When you click on his name it goes to his profile and that takes you to his site.
    I guess somehow, he inspires a lot of young kids…

  13. Summer’s Eve is back!

    Hey d-bag, is that El-Dorado like the “friends” on your page? Imaginary is the key here.

    By the way, this so called “jap-crap” smoked the Yaris when crashed. Have a nice night rear-ending your “friends”.

    By the way, how did you get your El Dorado up the steep ranges of Brokeback Mountain?

  14. I believe you meant it crash-tested better than the Chevrolet Aveo. More American owned, Korean made, crap.

  15. Yes Vinny and I suppose Mickey Mouse and all those characters are real! Wake up! Toyota is the most cash rich company on the planet, only they could put out such an unsafe piece of crap that “Passes” crash tests. I’m sure that no one was paid off!The Yeaster is always right and true, even if it hurts Vince.

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