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Well, I saw it at the Los Angeles auto show and didn’t think too much of it.
It looked like one of these crazy ideas nobody would ever build.
The steering wheel of the prototype even fell off when a reporter sat inside…

But it seems that VW is actually testing it for production.
They are claiming a target price of around $17 000.
It might be fun to see these in the streets.
But is it really a good thing for VW?

I mean, if they want to offer a car for $17 000, shouldn’t they think of something just a bit more commercial?
That would actually bring in some money. Like a “smaller that Golf” car.
Or spend the money improving quality across the range? Make sure they don’t stay at the bottom of the JD Power list?

I’m all for fun cars. But first thing first.

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  1. fuck that. I would totally buy this thing. It beats selling overpriced cars. This is like the Miata, but better, or a cheaper Elise; thats what VW is about: better products for the price.

  2. Have you ever seen a T-REX? This would be an half price version of the T-REX which is a good thing. The T-REX handles better than any car and has the performance of a Ferrari with some of the feelings of a motorcycle.

    Thrust me. It’s a good thing.

  3. I wonder how this would compete with an Ariel Atom on the track? Of course, the Atom wouldn’t likely pass US safety standards, while the GX3 would because it is considered a motorcycle….

  4. Most of the comments I have read are from people who A) total ignoramasus or B) Don’t under stand that the GX3 WILL be classified as a motorcycle in most states. ALL three-wheeld vehicles whether open or closed are currently registerd as motorcycles. If you don’t like motorcycle–then you won’t like the GX3–to bad because at the price point VW is talking about this thing will sell. The T-Rex is so overpriced it will never be anything but a rich-boy toy. If Campagna were serious they would drop the price into the low-to-mid 20’s and sales would take off. Not only current motorcyclists like myself would buy this but it would open up a whole new crossover market from motorcycle phobic auto drivers. Looks like VW is going to beat them to the punch. The only other serious 3-wheeled alternatives out there right now are the Carver (not in the US yet and it to will be too expensive (same price point as the T-Rex), the Grinnall Scoprion 3, and the Corbin , which goes in and out of production and seems to be moving more toward electric. I can’t wait for the GX3 to hit the market-if it ever does. I would buy one in a minute.

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