2007 Acura RDX

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I looks just OK to me. Seems to be one of these Japanese cars hat will sell more because of its level of quality and reliability than its looks. Kind of like the Pilot and the Highlander.
The interior does seem more interesting.
And it has the 1st Honda Turbo engine in the US.

Let’s hope they keep this one well under $30 000…

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  1. Looks nice!

    So what if an idiot thinks it looks like a station wagon. They all do the same thing, you’re just mad cause it is better looking than the real station wagon (BMW x3). That was the ugliest and most uninspiring design Bimmer ever had, well let’s also include the new 5 series in that ugly circle.
    I think it looks good.
    W Lexus RX350
    A BMW X3
    G Saab has one
    O Cadi’s XLR
    N Infinity’s FX’s
    S Audi’s coming up with one and so does Volvo.

    These are all wagons looking and they were inteded to look so, because not every one want something that looks like a big boat. And people think they ride and handle better, bessides most people in that category care about 5 things…Value, liability, safety, ergonomic and performance.
    I think this “wagon” you call it has succeded in all.

  2. That’s what they all are, tall wagons.
    At least this looks miles ahead of the X3. Especially inside.

  3. Was walking along the Embarcadero in S.F. a few days ago and saw that black one pictured here. It was probably returning from the photo-shoot near the G.G. Bridge.

    Looked good to me. If I needed such a vehicle the Acura would be near the top of the list for its quality and, in this case, style, too.

  4. Oh what a darling litle station wagon. The perfect conveyance to transport ones poodles to the groomer.

  5. One word: STUNNING!!! Acura has another winner on it’s hands! This thing will be perfect for the urban suv-ers that it was designed for!

  6. That front end is a mess — way too busy looking. The rest of it looks like a Mitsubishi Outlander and doesn’t go with the front.

    What is this crap? Was Honda in such a hurry to jump on the crossover bandwagon that they couldn’t take the time to come up with a cohesive design statement?

    Alas, this car will sell like hot cakes to the die hard Honda lovers. For example, the kids who were driving the souped up civics a few years ago.

  7. This new ‘domestic’ design shows how little a manufacturer can get away with giving the customer, while obtaining the highest profit possible! Items once standard on Japanese all wheel drive SUV’s, to protect the vehicle in the real world, are no longer available! Lower rocker panel molding, wheel well molding, body side molding and splash guards front and rear are necessary to protect your investment from the elements! For the price they are charging for this mini crossover vehicle all these items should be standard equipment! Also,what’s up with the rear door edge being part of the wheel well? It’s obvious this design did not come from Japan and will be built with all North American parts right here in the good old U.S.A.! East Liberty, Ohio.

  8. Did you ever try to price X3?
    My friend bought one for $45,000.
    Perhaps, you may have tried those Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, Cadi,Infinity,(FX35 which is the same thing as the Nissan Murano)or maybe Mercedes R class, which they are trying to make us think it’s a whole different car while it is not. What can I tell you, if the ugly ML is not doing the job I guess they have to try something else. If a stupid Jeep Wrangler is selling for $30,000. with nothing it, why not this one. You guys keep on making the same mistake, remember how every one here hated the MDX prior to it being released?
    Well it’s the same thing all over again, while you are hating the RDX, it will outsell the X3, the Audi, the Saab, the Mercury Marriner all thouse put together.

    Heck! even the SLR will be outsold, because not every one is willing to $65,000. for that thing.
    So my friends don’t hate, appreciate.

  9. Yes I believe this is the mystery SUV. The picture was taken by a blogger in the Bay Area and then spread across the internet by me:

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