2007 BMW 3 series Coupe

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Even more and better picture of the new Coupe.
I didn’t notice the side turn signal marker just in front of the wheel. A nice touch. Even if it is similar to the Nissan Z.

I also noticed the lack of glass roof. Offered in various other BMW models.
I guess if you want more light you can always get the convertible…

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  1. Obviously, BMW don’t wanna spend a lot of money on it. I just wonder who will pay more for less stylish, less convenience, and higher insurance cost.

  2. Ok enough, i am now enstating a ban on 3-series pics. I’ve seen enough, and don’t want to see any more of this poorly designed car. There are much better cars that you could post pictures of.

  3. Why is it that there’s an iDrive controller but no screen to see what you’re doing? Or is it a hidden screen?

  4. poorly desighned…..this isnt the best looking car in the world by any means, but poorly desighned is just comical. bmw cant win for losing, to some people bmw and mercedes for whatever reason are horrible without cause, if bmw made db9s people here would say it was ugly, if the 3 series looked exactly a g35 coupe and the g35 would have never came out people would trash it. it makes no sense, some people just hate the brand….(there just cars)

  5. I had nothing against the brand. Just complaints about how ugly it is and how lazy they try to convert the sedan into coupe.

  6. I like the design very much and BMW’s sell crazy here in NY,

    The glass roof is the panoramic(spelling) room that is seen in the X5 and X3. The 6 series also has a longer then usual sunroof.

  7. yeah this is pretty ugly, it looks just like an aztec, and yeah they could have tried harder to make the coupe version of a four door 3 series look like a totally different car instead of giving it a different rear, different roof line, different body lines, details, head lamps, and hood. this car is really horrible, in the past the coupe was just a 2 door version of the four door with no changes, but this one doesnt have enough changes—-alot of sarcasm again bmw cant win for losing. bmws have always been conservative people complain about that, they look more radical they complain about that, if they make a 2 door that has no difference from the 4 door they complain, if they make a 2 door with “obvious” differences than the 4 door than its lazy, lol its weird that makes no sense some people just hate bmw, and make up anything to support it…..THEY ARE JUST CARS…what did a bmw do to you..lol

  8. My only complaint is that if you want a BMW to look good, you absolutely have t0 upgrade it to a Higer-end version (330i instead of 320i for example)

    The base versions always look ugly with their black plastics, unpainted bumpers, ugly like hell wheels, etc.

    I’m tired of seeing my dream car so far from me because the only version I would actually buy is $50,000 for a 3-series. How much will it be when I’ll actually have the 50 Grand? $100,000? !! This DOESN’T make sense. The 320 should be as good looking as the high-end 330 or something. It’s pricey enough!!!

    Stop trying to screw us BMW.

  9. the 325i starts at like 31,000, any model that isnt sold here if sold here would cost from slightly less to significantly less, thats like saying a lexus is, and lexus ls should be just as nice, or a lexus gs and ls should be just as nice. and so on for every brand. but hey again people paint pictures no matter how truthful they are, disliking a “car” isnt a crusade it just saids that your crazy….but hey maybe a 25,000 version of a car and a 30,000 version of a car should look the same i mean other brands do right. a base camry, uses the same inside as the expensive one(no), a base cts uses the same materials as the loaded one(No)this isnt the case for many cars, its not true in any case where a car has options and packages involving trim, but hey if bmw discuss how rediculous it is……people make no sense

  10. God, I just realized that the pinched character line theme extends into the interior. Absent that, and with different tailights, this car might look a whole lot better.

    And I think the shade of tan they used is why the interior looks so bland. Otherwise, and without all the pinched lines, it looks nicely styled. But that flat black dash top has to go, that’s just cheesy.

  11. I’m getting used to the exterior quickly. But that cheap, overstylized interior really has to go.

    Then again, BMW was never known for its interior design. Only their last generation of cars had halfway decent interior.

    In my opinion, the first mainstream company to blow competitors out of water with interior design was Lexus.

    Merc and BMW have done well resisting being influenced by Lexus interior design(& ergonomics), but the consumers have already seen what a good design can be.

    And any person with decent visual training will tell you that Audi and VW interiors aren’t really ‘designed’. They’re no-risk design that’s simply well-executed.

    Germans (or the Americans hired by them) just don’t know how to do interior design. They never did, and they probably never will.

  12. every interior no matter how stylish is desighned—-(so idiotic point) it isnt just a mish mash of buttons just and seats, thrown in, and screwed to the car. besides lexus having some of the most boring interiors in the industry, something they just started trying to change with that new bmw esque desighn theme. german cars have always been more business like than other luxury cars, just like british luxury cars use tons of leather and wood. though i like the desighn of the last generation better on the interior, the current car has higher quality materials than the last one, and many other cars period, and thats just fact. and if lexus has always had excellent desighn what about the cheap, low rent lexus is300, which neither sold well or competed well, would have been nice as a corolla….. the current uses the bmw desighn theme black on top, on every color, and a few other touches. b

  13. No one said anything about the missing i-Drive screen even though the controller / I have seen is present…wassup with that? I have seen pictures with the double screen.

    It doesn’t matter what the nay sayers say…BMW will sell a lot of this car, plain and simple.

  14. The missing screen is weird…
    Especially with the iDrive controler.
    Did they install some kind of “pop up screen” like Mazda does?
    If so.. Where would it pop out of???

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