2007 Ford Escape

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Los of chrome on the new Escape.
But it might actually look better in person.

I always kind of liked the Escape. Except for some cheap looking, and feeling, interior parts.
If they address these problems it could be pretty nice.
I know it’s not really “all new”, it seems that none of the Ford SUVs are ever all new anyway.

With gas prices passing the $3 a gallon mark, the Hybrid should be even more popular if they decide to boost production.
In L A it seems that almost every new Escape I see is a Hybrid…

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  1. It looks bigger and more upscale with this new front.

    If the interior is in par with that new grill, it should become a nice product.

    And… why not a smoother ride…

  2. are all of these freshenings (expedition, escape, focus, freestar, explorer, etc) in lieu of full redesigns part of ford’s restructuring plan?

  3. I actually think it looks better. Looks tougher and more SUV-like for all the posers out there. The original was too plasticky and cheap looking. I still wouldn’t buy one though.

  4. Ford really needs to update the greenhouses of their SUV’s. None of them have flush glass, they all have thick pillars and high beltlines. Also, they all all soooo upright, and this one appears to be no exception…

  5. I’ve driven quite a few, I was considering one when buying my last vehicle.
    They really did set the standard for ‘sporty’ SUV’s back when they were released.
    Oddly, they haven’t lost their good driving dynamics, despite gaining weight over the last few years.
    It’s surprising they have been around this long without a redesign though. (a freshening was a few years back, but didn’t amount to much)
    Seems Ford is making money on them though, I see quite a few.
    The redesign is badly needed.

  6. ^ Yeah, especially with the center chrome stripe down the front. Ford’s been copying Nissan shamelessly the last few years.

  7. Quote: “fuck whoever said “bling bling” thats not bling at all, its just nasty and ugly as hell.”

    Well fuck you, too, you emme effer. All I was saying was that the chrome is very bright and shiny. ‘Bling-bling’ doesn’t necessarily have a positive or negative connotation.

    Get a grip…

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