2007 Ford Expedition

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It has already been unveiled, but this is pretty much what it looks like in the streets (Thanks to another generous reader)

Just imagine chrome on the grille.
I must say, it is as ugly as I thought. Another front end on the old body.

Looks like an old Hollywood actress with too many facelifts…

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  1. I really don’t like that grill either. However Ford does usually offer different grills for different trim levels.

    Also, the aftermarket for Ford grill replacements is huge. Of course, most people don’t really want to spend a few hundred extra bucks to replace the OEM grill.

    The interior however it fantastic. As we’ve discussed before, its adapted from the F-150, but there have been some nice changes that give it a Range Roverish look…

  2. Speaking of F150 interiors, I don’t see what’s so fantastic about them. I’ve sat in plenty of newer of F150s, and their interiors are decent, but not anywhere near the hype. The only interior that seemed good was the King Ranch, but that’s basically a top model F150.

    I think part of it may have to do with the idea that previous truck interiors were so bad, that the F150 interior looked good in comparison.

    Personally, I feel the GMT-900 truck interiors as well as the new Tundra interior will outshine the F150’s interior.

  3. Does the world still need anything this big? How long is it—19½ ft? OK, so I’m not an American, and I don’t understand behemoth utility vehicles (BUVs) …

  4. On a related note, I though they were going to get rid of the Expedition, but I may have mixed it up with the Excursion. One thing I can say with certainty is that such large SUVs will continue to drop in sales.

  5. After what GMC and toyota copy what Ford started a few years ago they might be closer to the class leader.

  6. I actually like the grill in this picture better than the chrome ones that Ford showed earlier. But I do wish that they had done something better.

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