2007 Ford Ranger

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Not if you live in North America…
This is only for the Asian market.

Just when the Ranger finally gets to be half way decent looking (especially the interior), we can’t get one….

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  1. Ford just announced that the plant that makes the Ranger for North America, in Minnesota, will close. Perhaps it will be replaced by an asian import Ranger.

  2. 1) anonymous commenter number one, why the hell did you even leave that comment, was that necesary? and 2) vince this car is not special or any better looking than the new ford ranger we are getting, esepcially the exterior, what the hell are you talking about

  3. Just to clarify: this Ranger is a compact truck. It’s designed by Mazda and is the successor to the truck Americans once knew as the Ford Courier. That “lineage” continued outside the USA.
       The American-market Ford Ranger and Mazda B-series are mid-size trucks designed by Ford for sale there, and are unrelated. So when the US Ranger is replaced, it will still likely be by an American-designed truck, not an import.

  4. Highly unlikely we’d be getting this truck in the States, or any version of it. I doubt it’s big enough, or capable enough to compete with the current midsizers on the US market.

    This truck I believe was designed mainly for Thailand and other Asian markets, to compete against the Hilux.

  5. The American-market Ford Ranger and Mazda B-series are mid-size trucks designed by Ford for sale there, and are unrelated
    what ? midsized and unrelated ? check your facts please !!!!!

  6. Current US Ranger a midsize? HAHA

    Nothing wrong with the fact that it’s not a midsize, but…

    The current B-Series and Ranger are COMPACT trucks, dating back to the mid-late 90s, and share nearly every part!

    They need a new model, or they will continue to be the darling of Hertz lots.

  7. Anonymous, I meant the US model is unrelated to the Asian model. A little courtesy would go a long way. Also note where I placed the comma, which suggested what I meant.
       And regarding mid-size versus compact: it depends on your perspective. The American one is larger than the Asian one. It competes in the slot where the 1980s S-series Chevrolets were: above the LUV and below the C-series. Now, if the LUV was compact (and the Asian model is competing with that), and the C-series is full-size, what would you call the S-series? Translate that to the current situation.
       Remember that most of the world has a very different idea of sizes to the US. I remember when full-size in most countries meant compact in the States. Vince does not solely get an American audience.

  8. I’ll have to disagree. This Ranger competes worldwide with the Isuzu pickup, which is the same as the Chevy and GMC mid size trucks in North America. With fuel economy of importance, and this Ranger having an economical diesel plant, I don’t see why Ford would not sell it here, especially since the Ranger factory will not be available to make any new truck.

  9. It kinda ugly, that is probably what it has in common with the ridgeline(although ridgeline is just hiderous). A real shame what ford has not done with the ranger. Sometimes you wonder if anyone is awake in dearborn.

  10. Autohistory, here is the Isuzu pickup that competes worldwide with this Ranger. It is a different vehicle, smaller than the one sold in the US. Of course, when you and I disagree, we don’t call each other names—unlike some folks who commented earlier.

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