2007 G35 Interior

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It seems better, but is it enough?

One cool note. The Bose stereo now includes a 2.5 inch Seagate hard drive so you can rip your CDs and keep the files in the stereo system. I don’t think you can copy files from your iPod though..

The new Mitsubishi Outlander is said to offer a similar system as an option..
What a great idea.

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  1. thats the interior the altima should have got. and the g35, should have got an interior that actually looks like it belongs in this class of car

  2. Ya, as much as I like Infiniti, their interiors are almost and german car levels, very bland and dark, cheap-looking, and not competitive with the IS350. If you’ve sat inside the 3-series, or C-class, you can see how cheap the interiors are, really disappointing. The Lex is the only good interior in its class.

  3. Has anyone figured out what the Compact Flash slot if for?

    Cool thing for them to put a hard drive in the sound system, but they need a better way of transfering files. I would loath having to copy all of my CDs AGAIN.

  4. lol thats funny infiniti makes interiors like german cars…which? german cars have the nicest cars in this segment period. audi, bmw, mercedes, vw. exactly which german car has a cheap interior, you must really just be toyota person for what reason because they always write in these blogs brain wash comments that are far from the truth. the is has one purpose, and thats to try its best to be the 3 series, and that it fails horribly. it neither rides, handles, sells well, or looks as good as a 3 series. and the is interior is “just now” becoming competitive with its last honda civic looking interior. so get off the brain wash, german cars are by far the best cars in this segment quality, detail, performance, etc. and bmw is the benchmark in a number of segments and the best cars in general,both the 3 series and 5 series are the best in their class period……!

  5. Anonymous, can you read? or are you just retarded? I said the IS has the best interior, if you were able to read you would notice that I didn’t say it has better handling or sales. Don’t talk if you don’t know what you are talking about, and are just following what other people say.

  6. please the c clas which has been for a “few years” may have an interior that isnt class leading, hell its been out for years but the a4, and the 3 series by far have the best interiors in the class, not some 3 series knock off. when the scion is350, oh im meant lexus i couldnt get past the 4 door tc look, and wanna be 3 series front end, that car is ajoke. even in a 06 iteration lexus cant beat the 3 series to many test to prove it…..so go educated and realize the truth german cars cant be beaten in this segment at all, and especially the 3 series, and gs will keep chasing the 5, and constantly losing as well.

  7. Personally, out of all the redesigns recently announced, I think the G is the best executed. If the specs turns out to be what they promised, they will no doubt sell.

    And what’s up with hate?? I think we owe it to Vince to practice a bit of civility and etiquette for having this site for all of us to share.

  8. Thanks.

    There are many other sites where obsessed car fans can insult each others over the shape of a door handle, horsepower numbers or 0 to 60 claims.

    I just want to let people know what’s new in the car buziness and give my point of view. More from a potential buyer perspective than a car magazine owned by the manufacturers.

    I’m just a regular guy who likes cars.

    And let’s not forget, these are just cars.

  9. I like this. Lexus IS has more stylish interior, but I think Infiniti will sell a whole lot more of the new G35 because of three reasons:

    1. Comparably equipped G35 and IS250 will cost about the same.

    2. G35 offers significantly more interior space.

    3. Lexus IS350 doesn’t offer 4WD option. (and no manual)

  10. Vince, is that your real hair and teeth in the photo? I think you need to see a dentist and a visit to the barber.

  11. i was just giving my opinion,and no car manufacturer owns any of the magazines,and on top of that. if you dont want people to give their opinions on the cars,than simply make it so this isnt a blog, but a listen to my opinion site,where only your opinions can be seen………

  12. Vince, is that your real hair and teeth in the photo? I think you need to see a dentist and a visit to the barber.

    No kidding, and I thought Ed Wallace’s hair was bad 🙂

  13. Whoever anonymous is, you are precisely what I hate about people who don’t know anything about automobiles. You are so hung-up on what badge a car wears you don’t realize how ignorant you sound. BMW should hire you as their publicist whore. The A4 has the best interior in the class, period (build quality and design) and it always has. The IS may have excellent quality but it really is boring as hell. If not, you need to shut it. The interior of the last generaiton G35 was nothing special, but it wasn’t that terrible, especially considering it’s price. but the new one looks great and I’m sure the quality will be much improved. Considering how much better the G35 looks and performs compared to he IS and how much cheaper it is than the 3 series and IS, it truly is better than both. The last gen G35 was millimeters away from the performance level of the 3 series and better than all others in the class. You say no. Have you sat in one? Driven one? If not, I would shut it. The new model will definitely supercede all competitors, and most likely the 3 series…for 8 thousand dollars less. If I were in the market, my down payment would be in already.

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