2007 Honda CRV

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Here are some new details of the next CRV.

The pictures of the exterior confirm the illustrations I posted here a few months ago.
And they finally got rid of the outside spare tire, unlike the new US RAV4..

The only engine will be the familiar 2.4 Liter with maybe a boost to 170hp.
And, as you can see, it has a proper hatch.

The 3rd picture shows the interior door panel and the headlight. (duh…)

I have more but cannot post it yet.

We’ll know everything this summer…

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  1. Burlapp, since the new CR-V has no rear door tire which makes it bigger. Will it come with 3rd row seat?

  2. This beats the Toyota RAV4 which has become too big and yet still has that dumb tire hanging off the back. PHOOEY!

    An outside spare tire is a de facto bumper that dents low hoods of cars parked behind because the tire overrides the rear bumper. Anything that overrides a bumper is a hazard.

    Then if the car backs into a pole or wall, the tire pushes the rear hatch and its glass window in. The RAV4 is a terrible design and it seems that Honda has the good sense not to make its CRV that way.

    Good for Honda! Great company that makes superior cars.

  3. Vince, can you find a picture of the dash and other parts of the car besides the door?
    Where do you get these images from Google?

  4. >>> The only engine will be the familiar 2.4 Liter with maybe a boost to 170hp.

    Will Diesel option be available later?

  5. Spare tires on the back are awesome. Thats how real SUVs have them, not hidden in some undercarriage casing, or deep inside the trunk, if you actually use your truck, it needs to be out there for quick use, plus it leaves more space inside for carrying stuff. Even though the Rav4 isnt a real SUV, it is sold internationally, in real SUV markets, and looks more realistic with the tire outside.

  6. Vince-

    Do you know if there will be a special addition? It seems strange to me that they will not offer a turbo charged engine like the Acura since the RAV 4 offers a 6 cylinder high horsepower engine.

  7. well. thats Toyotas policys… They upsized the RAV4.. But Honda has the Pilot. There is no need to upscale the new CRV. I think the decision is good to keep the CRV the size it is with 4 cylinder and 5 seats. By the way… The Europe diesel is a 2.2 Liter 140 hp engine which is simply perfect for europe.

  8. Mikey says

    For the folks talking about how the door mounted spare acts as a rear bumper, it sure looks like that new tailgate curves out to meet the rear edge of the bumper, so any small tap in the rear will still probably ruin the tailgate.

    Is the CRV classified as a truck, and is that why they cen get away with totally useless bumpers?

  9. Vince, the rear hatch looks like it’s six months pregnant! Honda is expecting a new member in the family in three months and it shows! Just like a newborn it’s eyes will be shut creating a large blind spot in the rear! That quarter moon micro rear window destroys what the CR-V once was, forever! The 2nd generation Toyota RAV-4 was a huge success with the feminine sector due to it’s cute soft demeanor. It is now safe to say that this new ‘SOFTIE’ from honda will now please the ladies as well!

  10. The rear hatch looks “pregnant” because it doesn’t have a window on this picture.
    It is a much more flowing design with the glass.

    No Turbo is planned because the CRV does not move up market.
    It will compete with the 2.4 Liter 5 seater RAV4.

    And yes, the rear hatch does go into the bumper.
    Just like the RDX and Euro Civic.
    I am not sure how they get away with this…

  11. When the first generation Honda CR-V came out in 1997 they said that CR-V stood for Civic Recreational- Vehicle. When the second generation CR-V came out in 2002 Honda said that CR-V stood for Comfortable Recreational Vehicle. Anyone who owns one knows that due to the extremely ROUGH ride it is anything but comfortable! Now that the third generation is just around the corner perhaps CR-V will stand for ‘Cute Repulsive- Vehicle’! Toyota’s RAV-4 is going to devour Honda in commercials and ads in comparisons! No wonder Honda has only 3 SUV’s in their lineup, while Toyota has 7!

  12. You stupid idiot!..Haven’t you been paying attention to the uprising of gas prices? And they will never come down like before.
    So what kind of future do you see with these big boats? only idiots like you think these beast are here to stay. I bet you in about 2 to 3 years the lancruiser will loose so much sales that the sekoia itself might R.I.P.
    I used to be one of those idiots who think Honda should build more big SUVs like the Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition, Ecalade and Land Cruiser, but last year made me rethink my thought. I realize that Honda knew something that we did not know although it was pretty obvious. Honda is not out there to monopolize the auto industry like Toyota is so desparately trying to do, Honda’s purpose is trying to give the consumer the best affordable possible. You will see! soon there will be a backlash on those big SUVs. Bessides, Toyota can afford to do trial and error Honda can’t, because they are not as wealthy as Toyota.

  13. The tailgate design incorporates some sort of plastic that is easy and cheap to replace in case of impact. (I read this somewhere but don’t remeber where.)

    Vince: please tell/show us more!!! You always get the scoup first…please share!!!!

  14. Not to go back, but the RAV4 has a bumper underneath the spare, making it improbable to override any hoods. It also juts out farther than the spare, so backing into a pole won’t be a problem. Any faster, and there are bigger things to worry about.
    The RAV4 has an efficient AND powerful V6, three rows of seats, a reasonable price, and little handling penalties.

    The CRV just won’t cut it.

  15. Vince-

    What is the ETA on the additional info you promised? Thanks for everything you have provided to date.

  16. Vince, if Honda doesn’t reintroduce the double wishbone suspension for the front end on the 3rd generation CR-V, like the 1st generation had, they might as well call it quits!!! The cheaper setup of struts they used on the 2nd generation CR-V’s have been a major source of problems, yet Honda will not admit to it!! First generation CR-V’s have a much smoother more civilized ride! Besides all the creaks, bangs and thuds the struts make in the cold weather, the ride is so punishing at times you would think you were driving a Yugo!! The trade off for better handling is just not worth it! If more people who own a 2nd generation CR-V reads this and responds with there experiences here, maybe Honda will finally take notice and get their act together and bring back the more expensive double wishbone setup that once was one of Honda’s finer attributes!!!

  17. Hey Vince, thanks for the info on the CR-V.
    I switched to Hondas in 2003 by getting a Honda Accord V6 (excellent engine) Bottom line, I got a 2004 CR-V then I traded it and got a 2005 because the curtains air bags (I am big with safety for my family)
    And now I can’t wait to get the new 2007.
    Toyota is good but too pricey and no standard safety.

  18. Vince-

    Your killing me, two weeks ago you posted this with a teaser that you had more. I’m guessing your source is holding you back but when do you think you can share?

  19. UNFORTUNATELY, NORTH AMERICA WILL NOT BE GETTING THE REAL JAPANESE CR-V THIS TIME AROUND, LIKE WE DID FOR THE 1ST AND 2ND GENERATIONS!!!!!!!! Instead we will be getting a CHEAPER KNOCKOFF VERSION built right here in East Liberty, Ohio made with parts manufactured in America, Canada and Mexico!!!!! WE WILL ALSO GET A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BODY STYLE WHICH WILL SHARE PARTS WITH THE ACURA RDX, ALSO EXCLUSIVE TO NORTH AMERICA!!!!!! If anyone wants to buy a REAL CR-V from Japan, the 2006 model will be your last chance to get one!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks for the info about us in the USA not getting the real deal.
    Have you seen the fron of the new CR-V being built in E. Liberty OH? does it look like the pictures Vince has showing us? I do not want to get you in trouble but it will be great if you can share that info with us.
    I am waiting for the new CR-V, I just road tested the new RAV4 from Toyota and it rides nice, I like the handling more than anything and the fact that it is bigger (it means a lot to me since my family will be riding in it) but the inside it is really cheap loking. The clock and design its so ugly, not appealing at all, and the seats (cloth)the colors are really bad and, TOYOTA still charges you extra for the goddamm Curtains Air Bags. I think it is rediculus that you have to pay extra for safety. That is one of the reasons I am waiting for the CR-V, I got a feeling that the inside will look a lot like the current Civic (I like it more than the RAV4)and the Air Bags are all standard.
    Thanks guys for all the info.
    And Vince, keep up the good work.

  21. The 2007 CR-V Front End has 2 Grills and a third air intake Grill below the bumper. The Top Grill is part of the Hood and incorporates the Honda ‘H’ Emblem. The Middle Grill is just below the Hood Overhang and is the Largest of the 3. It actually looks like a smile or grin with two thin horizontal chome fins inside it! The bottom grill is just your basic black plastic air intake setup. The 2007 CR-V has a 104.3 in. wheelbase, up 1 inch from 2006. The cargo hold, with the back seats folded flat, is down to 61 cubic feet vs. 72 cubic feet in the 2006! Minimum Ground Clearance is also down to 5.12 inches vs. 8.1 inches in the 2006! The roof line is also lower 1.5 inches less at it’s highest point up front and 3.4 inches lower in the rear compared to the 2006! The Interior will be upgraded, though, compared to the 2006! Overall the lower chasis will translate to a better handling vehilcle with a sportier feel and smoother ride! A DVD and Navigation setup will be offered in upscale models! I hope this info will help you until the official release date comes along, just a little over 2 months!

  22. Another bit of info on the above statement, The Plastic Grill just below the Hood Overhang that resembles a smile may incorporate 3 horizontal fins ‘BLACKENED OUT’ on lower models or on all final production models, depending on final management decisions!

  23. Thanks for the info on the new CR-V my friend.
    I apreciate the way you detailed the fron end. It does sounds like it will have a better handling.
    Again, thanks for the info.
    I do not want to push it but will you say that this illustration looks close to what you seen?

    That illustration I think it was taking from Japan.
    Thanks for all the info. Besides me waiting for the new CR-V so I can put my family in it for safety, I also got my godparents waiting for the new model, they were ready to buy a CR-V 2006 model last week in NY but I managed to convinced them to wait for the new design.
    I like the illustration that Vince show us at that link.

    Thanks from Denver, Colorado

  24. 2006 CR-V VS. 2007CR-V the 1st figure is the 2006, the 2nd the 2007! Wheelbase: 103.3-104.3 Length: 181.0-180.7 Height: 66.2-64.7 Front,62.7 Rear. Width: 70.2-73.6 Track Front: 60.4-61.9 Track Rear: 60.8-61.9 Ground Clearance Min.: 8.1-5.12 Head Room Front: 40.9-38.7 Head Room Rear: 39.1-38.3 Leg Room Front: 41.3-41.8 Leg Room Rear: 39.4-37.7 Hip Room Front: 54.5-54.4 Hip Room Rear: 53.5-53.0 Shoulder Room Front: 56.9-58.2 Shoulder Room Rear: 56.5-56.3 Cargo Volume: (Rear Seats Down) 72.0-61.0 CubicFeet Fuel Tank: 15.3-18.0 Gal. Weight 4WD EX: 3472LBS.-3720LBS. The picture you refer to on this site is a close resemblance but not quite exact! The ‘Smile’ grill is a bit longer in length and not as tall in height on the final production vehicle! Also the Headlights are more ‘Teardrop’ shaped, not as flat in the photo chop! The Lower Rocker Panel Molding at the bottom of the Doors has 5 distinct raised squares, 3 on the front door and 2 on the back! The Photo chop shows the rocker Panel from the Acura RDX! Except for a few other minor differences you basically have the idea of what the 2007 looks like! I would like to take the time to THANK EVERYBODY who has spent so much time, effort and interest in our UPCOMING REDESIGN of the CR-V!! We feel very strongly that when you see and experience the final results you will not be disappointed!!

  25. Any info on the ground clearance?
    We hear rumors that it will be around 5″, is it true?
    Many people are complaining about it, incluiding me.
    I love Hondas but, if the new CRV is tto low to the ground, I may go with the RAV4.

    Any comments guys?

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