2007 Hyundai Elantra

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Just what I thought. I does look like a small Azera more than a small Sonata.
But it also seems a little “soft”, with a very conservative front end.

We’ll see more in a few days….

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  1. I’ll reserve my comment after I see the full design of the car, because I am curious to see it.
    For now to me it looks like the old Chrysler 300M reincarnated. Even the lower grill looks like that of the Chrysler minivans.
    By the way, Am I the only one who thinks the Hyundai Sonata’s rear end looks identical to the old Accord? (I meant last year, before Honda toned it down a little for ’06 ).

  2. So far i think it looks really good, that line from the headlight down the side is great, the car doesnt seem to be derivative of its competition. Could it be that hyundai has found its own design language?

  3. Looks very nice and clean. I think the elantra is a fabulous car. I hope the rest of the car is impressive. Hope you post some more pics soon! I’ll be waiting…

  4. It seems everyone is commenting that the Sonata tail resembles the Accord. My opinion is that the Sonata actually has a lexus look to it (look at new Luxus designs). The more I look at the Sonata I feel that it is way better looking than its big brother Azera. Hyundai should have taken the Sonata a step further in design (more cutting edge style) and making it the Azera instead.

  5. Surprised nobody has noticed, but I see some clear styling influence from the Corolla and Solara. It also has a styling influence from the Azera, which in itself is an amalgamation of various Toyot and Honda styling cues. The rear of the car also pays homage to Toyota styling cues.

    This car will look good compared to the current Corolla, but the problem is the Corolla is dated, and about to be replaced with a redesign.

    This Elantra already looks dated compared to the new Civic.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad car, in fact it looks good exterior-wise, and it has a decent interior, but there’s nothing great or class-leading about it, except maybe it’s value.

    As for Hyundai having found it’s own design language, some of you seem to be jumping the gun. Those curvy and wavy character lines have been on Buicks for years. Then there are the various styling cues that Hyundai is using to obviously pay homage to Honda and Toyota, and is somewhat of a nod that Hyundai is aiming at competing directly with them.

    One thing is for sure; the new Corolla needs to be at least as stylish as the new Camry, and even more so to look good compared to the new Civic. Also a model trim sportier than the current XRS would really help Toyota’s image.

  6. I like what I see in this picture (except the grille), but I know the rear end starting from the Taurus-like C-pillar will be ugly like the Azera.

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