2007 Hyundai Elantra

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What a disappointment.
This thing looks like it came out years ago.
What a let down after the Azera, Santa Fe and the really good looking Sonata…
Almost anything in that segment of the market looks better.

Who signed off on that one???

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  1. Big, big yawn on this one. The car as a commodity. We know the Koreans can do good styling (Hyundai Tiburon, Sonata Mk III, and even the latest Kia Carnival LWB) but this is atrocious. Watch Honda beat the crap out of Hyundai in this segment.

  2. wow.. look they copied the corolla.. um, who was saying that we should “fear the korean wave” that’s coming? from what? copying toyota?

  3. With the still new-looking Mazda 3, the brand new Civic, and a new Corolla coming out, this car looks like it’ll continue to sell solely because of price (granted that Hyundai keeps its price low).

    It looks like they took the front half of a Corolla and molded it with the back half of a Taurus.

  4. I agree, totally generic looking. Is there a 5-door hatch version expected?

    Love your website, Vince – keep up the great work.

  5. I think Elantra buyers on the whole (aside from a number of enthusiasts) are more concerned with all the assets this Elantra brims with at a reasonable price. True the styling isn’t breakout but most people in this class aren’t looking to make a styling statement but are rather more interested in a pleasing package that offers the most for their hard-earned bucks. Many buyers will be drawn simply to its best-in-class interior space.
    I say Hyundai did its homework on this one and is saving the daring styling statements for the next Tiburon.

  6. Hyundai seems to be on the right track to try to bring their cars and SUV’s into their own. Their styling language is not yet defined, which is not uncommon for car companies trying to get a foot in the market. Compare each of the new models with their previous versions and you can see the direction their going in stylying, feature content, and size. Even though from the out side I can name about three other cars that the new elantra looks like, I would glady take this body style over the previous version. And from the pics of the interior I’ve seen, the Elantra does not seem to be a bad place to spend your time, for its class.

  7. Now that I’ve seen the full unveiling both at this site and the Autoblog. My take on this “new” Elantra is that the design appears very subdued.

    There are clearly some design elements from Azera from the front but it does have appear to have a passing resemblance to the current Corolla(?) at certain frontal angles at least from these photos. It reminds me of the release of the Sonata when some made comparisons to the Accord’s rear tail lights. They of course were wrong about that. Sonata’s rear tail lamps are not even close to the horrid angels found on the Accord.

    However back on topic. It’s hard for me to get excited about this exterior design but I am very interested in what the interior looks like since that is where most people spend their time.

    Overall the new Elantra’s new exterior doesn’t jump out but it doesn’t offend either. It will appeal to those who are looking for an affordable, reliable and safe vehicle.

    What would really be impressive though is if they were to score a big “win” on the interior. Looks like we’re going to find out very, very soon.


  8. I think the design is pretty attractive, but the color just isn’t working well with this design. The 2nd photo isn’t showing the crease line on the side, which makes it look pretty bad. I’d like to see this in another color in different photo.

    It looks like a scaled down Azera, which I think is a good thing. But the wheel arches and wheels look just way too small. But overall, I do agree, this is a bit disappointing considering the promising spyshots.

  9. It seems that Nissan fans/employees/whoever they are are in a fervor all across the internet displaying a grand showcase of defensive comments.

    Even on several Nissan fan boards, the new G35 and Altima are being ridiculed.

    If only Nissan called both vehicles as a “refresh”, rather than “all new redesigns”, the criticism wouldn’t be as harsh.

  10. Regarding the new Elantra, looks like a melted Corolla, just as I expected.

    We have already seen the interior, and it is competent, but nothing spectacular.

    The new Civic remains the better overall car, and although this Elantra will do well against the current dated Corolla, the new Corolla is sure to trump this.

    As for those who talk about Hyundai’s value, even that is coming under attack. Hyundai is proud in offering so many standard features in its cars, like 6 standard airbags in the new Elantra. Problem is, the new Civic has 6 standard airbags, and the new Corolla is likely to have them as well.

  11. I fuc$#n hate korean garbage. That’s all it is cheap garbage. If you sell them or drive them you are a cheap asshole son-of a- bitch. I have a friend in north bay ontario canada. He is the current sales manager at kia of north bay. He will admit to your face that these pieces of shit are unsafe, have poor warranty performance and are very poorly made. yes, the sales manager. He says the only reason he works there is that they pay him alot.

  12. Hyundai sucks, they tried to fool you and your mind with toyota or honda with their crappy cars. look at this, what is it a new corolla? they already copy the look of accord, not enough?

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