2007 Hyundai Elantra

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Hyundai seems to want to attract the conservative crowd with the new Elantra.
Quite the opposite of the new Civic. And maybe that’s actually a good move.
A quiet, well built small car with an attractive interior might just be the ticket for the conservative US market.

Power should be fine with a 2.0Liter engine with 138hp. But the automatic is still a 4 speed…

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  1. Despite being on sale since MY 2004, the MAZDA3 still looks like the one to beat in the compact class.

  2. Im not diggin the roller coaster body line down the side of the car from the headlamps back towards the c-pillar, looks cheap and akward ! also the grille looks so tacked on like a complete after thought !

  3. I thought the Koreans were on a roll there for a while, but this just changed my mind.

    I really wanted to like this car but after seeing these photos, here’s my take: It just looks like another typical, generic, low budget econoblob that only the lowest common denominator of car driver would even consider buying.

  4. Just beautiful. I think this is one of those cars that looks one way in the pictures but totally another way in real life. I think if you saw it in the street you would be impressed. In the pictures it looks small, but I believe that this is quite a big car. Everything about it screams quality and if you read the information, its obvious that Hyundai paid attention to both the civic and the corolla in order to beat those cars in features, price, room, comfort, performance, etc etc. Although, I was a little underwhelmed when I first saw it, I think this is the type of car that really grows on you the more you see it. It IS beautiful and looks less like the corolla the more you look at it.

    Great job Hyundai!

  5. With these new pictures it does look a little better. Looking at the front, it does look mean and aggressive. The more I look, the more I get scared. ^^ lol I do like the swoopping look of the sides, similar to the azera. And I also like how the fog lamps move in the opposite direction of the headlights. MEAN! haha

    They should have made the grill less rounded, and the rear tail lights more substantial. It also looks very BIG! Inside and out. Interior is really sweet, no cheap plastics and lots of space. Finally! Blue gauges to replace the ugly green ones!

    It only looks like the corolla with a sweeping glance, but otherwise its much nicer and meaner looking!

  6. Looking at all the pics of the Elantra on Hyundai’s setup site, it looks as if a Corolla was melted, and then some Buick character lines were added to the side. Personally, I’m not a fan of those strange character lines as they look a bit hokey and tackey.

    The interior, I’m actually a bit surprised. The interior itself is nothing special, but the saving grace is the blue lighting.

    Features-wise, the Elantra beats the new Civic in standard features, but not by much. Both Civic and Elantra have standard ABS and side airbags, but the Elantra has two more airbags over the Civic. The Civic also has a more stylish, interesting, and upscale looking interior. Depending on what the new Corolla brings, the Elantra may have a hard time in the market.

    Hyundai supposedly set out to beat the Civic and Corolla, and while they do beat the Corolla in some aspects, I don’t see how the Elantra overall beats the Civic. They likely aimed for the outgoing Civic. I’m also guessing the Elantra won’t match the Corolla’s or Civic’s fuel economy, which is important in this segment.

    It will likely be a good car overall, but having a merely competent car is not good enough, IF Hyundai wants to take on Toyota and Honda.

  7. “Both Civic and Elantra have standard ABS and side airbags, but the Elantra has two more airbags over the Civic.”

    What are you smoking? Both the Elantra and Civic come standard with 6 airbags: F/R side curtains, seat mounted side impact airbags, and dual front airbags.

  8. And to add, I guess that makes the Elantra even less attractive compared with the new Civic.

    The Elantra might be rated as a midsize car by EPA standards, but in terms of usable interior space, it’s hardly better than a Corolla or Civic.

    Same with the Sonata; although it’s rated as a “fullsize” car by EPA standards, that too is inaccurate, when you look at usable interior room.

  9. When you are tooling around town in a Hyundai, like the tool that you are, people aren’t smiling and waving, they are pointing and laughing and saying, Hey, look at the cheap asshole!

  10. The Civic is a great looking car and a great driving car. I don’t think the Hyundai beats it. But more conservative drivers might be giddy to get 4 disc brakes, heated seats, (both which Civic doesn’t have), leather seats, alloy 16″ wheels and 2.0 liter engine for $2000 or $3000 less than a Civic EX. This is based on real world pricing not MSRP. It may not beat the Civic, but it is quite a viable option against the Caliber, Focus, Vibe, Sentra, and Corolla.

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