2007 Infiniti G35

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Just a quick look at the new G35 interior.

Nothing breathtaking. It seems that Nissan is concentrating on improving quality right now, more than stunning designs.

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  1. It would be a wise idea for Nissan to focus on quality right now, but I’m not so sure whether quality will be significantly improved.

    Even Hyundai, who used to have horrible quality, has improved greatly, but they haven’t left styling forgotten either.

    The competition, specifically in the entry-level luxury segment, and the midsize sedan segment is really fierce. Nissan can’t afford to focus on interiors, while ignoring other aspects.

  2. Fortunately, Johnson, the exterior designs of the Gs are so beautiful that Nissan doesn’t need to do much with them other than to implement evolutionary changes. When Lexus achieves such a level of design competence, maybe then you’ll understand, LOL…

  3. Ironic then that the new G has some inspiration from Lexus styling, not to mention mimicing a Mercedes CLS front end.

    The design will simply get old very fast, as the rear remains very familiar, as well as the side profile. Even the front end, instead of bringing something new, is a mix of Lexus and Mercedes styling cues, while also resembling it’s Infiniti M cousin.

    I hope the coupe looks better than this.

  4. Yeah, this new G so completely copies Lexus and Mercedes, it’s design draws nothing from the previous G.

    Whereas the new Camry is so exciting and inviting, having drawn design inspiration from Maytag and Whirlpool.


  5. I happen to disagree. I think the syling of the 2007 G35 sedan is more than just a quality fixer, it is a well-styled vehicle suitable for current times. I’ve always felt that the current G35’s exterior and interior styling was rather conservative, the new 2007 is not that anymore. Check out the link below, click on pictures.

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