2007 Jeep Patriot

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As predicted, the production version of the new Jeep Patriot (Top photo) is pretty much what we saw in the concept (Bottom).

It does look like a Jeep, you can’t argue with that.
I think it should be a hit. Unlike the weird looking Compass.

Nothing about the interior yet, but let’s hope it’s better than the Compass. Which is just a dressed up (barely) Caliber interior.

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  1. this is what every young american should drive
    real 100% us grade quality and you won’t look like a fag driving it

  2. Love it or hate it, you have to hand it to Chrysler for carrying through a lot of their concepts to production nearly unscathed. (Though these days, I wonder just how “conceptual” show cars are. Call me a cynic.)

  3. That’s just because they are not concept.

    Just production cars they dress up a bit, show them up early and call them “concepts”.

  4. I’m a fag and I would drive this, especially if it gets anywhere near the Compass’ fuel economy. It’s way better than the Compass, I think.

    I can totally see tons of fags buying these, too.

    Why would you write something like that you flaming retard?

  5. Why would you write that about gay guys?

    They are going to be the ones driving these things…at least, in my opinion. Afterall, Jeep is marketed toward women, and this is their more macho vehicle compared with the Compass. I don’t think it will make sense to everyone, but I can totally see gay guys snatching these things up. Afterall, the STi can only live on as gay guy car supreme for so long.

  6. im confused as to why they have the patriot, compass, and liberty arenty they all techincally competitors especially the patriot and the liberty…

  7. I agree with 3:54 PM. Why does Jeep have so many cheap compact SUVs competing with one another? What they really need is a luxury SUV or two somewhere in their line. They need something that takes on the Range Rover or LR3.

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