2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 door

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What took them so long.
This is a sure hit.

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  1. some competition for the baby hummer. I like this a lot better though…very appealing, not so wannbeish like the H3.

  2. Yes, suprisingly, I agree with all the posters. I thought it was alot like the Rescue concept too. Those rear doors are pretty small though.

    And yes Douche, damn thats manly. MANLY!

  3. Everyone should mark this as a moment in world history:

    Douchebag Jones said…

    a manly car for manly american men!

    The first time DJ’s brain starting functioning normally……

    Yes, the Wrangler will be a hit the moment it hits the showroom floor. Good thing for Jeep because they’ll need all that help to recover from the crapola they’re pushing with the Compass.

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