2007 Kia Carens

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Look at the top illustration.
This is the official rendering of the new Carens.
Underneath are pictures (thanks to a generous reader) of the actual thing.

Kia does this all the time. Showing us much better versions of their products.
It only leads to disappointments.

The actual car isn’t bad, if you forget the illustration. Looks like it can fit 7.
And I hear they are considering it for the US.

Who knows…

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  1. Ok,first of all it is the Carens….learn how to spell. Second of all it is officially been revealed that the 2007 Carens will be sold in the US as the Kia Rondo. Try getting some accurate information for once.

  2. Sorry about the spelling.

    If you think this site doesn’t have any accurate information you shouldn’t waste your time visiting it.

  3. Vince, I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating your effort, and in believing any mispellings or inaccuracies are all part of the character, or charm, of the site.

  4. To the dumb-ass who told Vince off for his spelling… I can’t see any difference between “Carens” how you spelt it and how Vince spelt it.

    I wish people like you would just f**k off and die, and let the rest of us enjoy what is a fantastic website for genuine automobile enthusiasts.


  5. well i dont agree with alot of the stuff on this site, just come for the info. but you might to question yourself, a person that finds doing “kia” research interesting enough to know when a name is wrong and something as horrid as this thing is coming to market…..sounds like you should get a life and leave vince alone

  6. The illustration you have is actually a Kia released sketch of the upcoming redesigned Carens. The real photos you show are of the current model. The actual updated model that will come to the US as the Rondo will be unvieled at the Spanish Motor show on May 25.

    Of course, Kia has shown some mighty nice sketches before, and then the actual model looks nothing like it. However, there is no way to tell yet on the Carens.

  7. there are some psychotic people on this site, first the stupid comment, than you wish someone die over a comment, something is seriously wrong with you people. comeon its a car site, take your craziness out to a mental hospital asap

  8. “The real photos you show are of the current model”


    These photos are of the new model.
    You can check the current (old) one just by doing a search on Google
    It’s that easy…

  9. Nice, more automakers should move into the crossovers niches.

    The sketch looks awesome, hopefully the real model will looks similar.

    Go Kia!

  10. You’re right, the sketch has a nice dose of attitude, but the pic is “me-too” bland.

    That dash, though, is ingenious. Those cubby slots in the center of each side are great, cars can never have too many places to set things. But I could do without the vent pods, those are weird.

  11. I own one in Korea, where they are made. It’s an LPG model but has lots of space, power and a great sound. Will hold 7 if you are willing to be on the move with no luggage or spend the cash to add a roof carrier

  12. are you sure that is the carens.. look at these spy pictures… the roof is more curved and slanted toward the endhttps://www.channel4.com/news/teamseems to match the more sporty illustration

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