2007 Mazda CX-9

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Not just a CX-7 with chrome, this one is much larger.
Actually, it is pretty much a Mazda version of the Ford Edge. Powered by the same 3.5 Liter V6 and 6 speed auto.
But the Mazda does have a 3rd row of seats. So it might actually be even longer than the Edge. And more expensive too….

I sat in the CX-7 and thought it was very nice. Anything better would be a great SUV.

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  1. actually you’re retarded because the CX-7 is the Mazda version of the Ford Edge, not the future CX-9.

  2. “actually you’re retarded because the CX-7 is the Mazda version of the Ford Edge, not the future CX-9.”

    Wrong.. I just look retarded.

    thye CX7 is not a version of the Edge. Just read around…

  3. It seems like Mazda and Lexus have the same design studio. I guest the Reds (Chinese guys) are not the only one who know how to use a copy machine. I am sorry, but this is not right for a company who always claim to be different and original, the only thing different is that big M. Other than that, it’s the new GS, the RX350 and the IS350 put in a blender and voila!

  4. not a mazda fan at all, but it isnt mazda and lexus that have similar desighns(that is very farfetched) if anything at all it would acura, and mazda. the acura grills are just like those on the mazdas that same triangular shape. i think mazda did it first though if im not mistaken. a

  5. Several new Mazda models have mimicked Toyota styling, and to a small extent Acura styling.

    Mazda, apart from it’s RX-7, used to have pretty plain and bland looking cars, especially during the 90s. Mazda’s cars used to be even more anonymous than Nissans of the 90s.

    This looks almost like an SUV version of the new Camry.

    It also looks extremely similar to the CX-7, so much so that I thought it actually was the CX-7.

    Mazda needs to stop making it’s cars from looking so extremely similar, and needs a bit more uniqueness in their own designs.

    With a Toyota, or Honda, I can tell almost right away what brand of car it is. With Mazda, I often have to look twice at the car to double check whether it’s a Mazda, a Toyota, or possibly a Honda.

  6. are all of you ppl well?
    The 07 camry is basically a modified version of the current Mazda6; that’s been out for the last 3 years now!!

    Mazda is the only automaker that still has very unique styling to it’s brand.. other automakers just blend everything in.
    ie: RX-8, MX-5, Mazda6, Mazda3

    btw, CX-9 is the same vehicle as the CX-7 just with more seats and new powertrain, the 7 will use the 2.3 turbo and the 9 will use the new 3.5V6

  7. yes, right on! the Camry is a copy of a Mazda 6 only the 6 is still better looking. The cx-7 and cx-9 are both built on different chassis and they will eat up even Lexus product.

  8. to my earlier comment…
    The CX7 is modified version of C1 Platform where the CX9 shares its chassis with the Ford Edge!

    posted by: TSX

  9. Some of you are either in denial, or need to brush up on your automotive knowledge.

    The Mazda 6 has several cues taken from the old outgoing Camry, and other Toyota models, especially European and Japanese models.

    There’s nothing original about the Mazda 3 or Mazda 6, except possibly their interiors.

    Compare the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 to any older Mazdas, and they’ll look out of place. They don’t have a family lineage in terms of styling.

    Mazda even mimicked one of Toyota’s Japanese models by model name. Toyota had the Altezza in Japan since the late 90s, and The Mazda 6, when it came out in Japan was called the Atenza. Kind of close if you ask me. What’s also funny is that the ‘Atenza’ took the same idea of the Altezza’s euro tails, and Euro-inspired styling.

    Before any of you make further comments, it would be wise to inquire as to who is exactly copying who here.

  10. i don’t think toyota cars have a “family lineage” of styling at all. the previous corolla and current corolla don’t share many design cues. and the camrys from the 92-96, 97-2000, 2001-2006, 2007 don’t really share any styling cues either. look at the differences in the celica from the last 3 generations in the US. what i do think toyota has is a design language for a few years that it uses on its models (like the new grille that’s on the yaris and camry and then the rear end on the camry that’s a softened version of the taillights on all the redesigned is and gs).

    to be honest, midsized family sedans have a similar look due to styling trends (clear-lensed taillights) and practicality. moreover, competitors always crib ideas from one another (dual sliding doors on minivans, fold-flat third-row seats). and there are only so many (conventional) shapes for headlights/taillights and grilles.

    besides, it’s the driving character of the car seems to be what mazda’s pushing.

    you’re criticizing the atenza from copying the the altezza’s “euro-inspired” styling. it seems like the altezza also did some copying.

  11. Disegno, it seems that you basically agreed with me here.

    What I meant was that for a generation or two, Toyota’s models tend to carry a family lineage.

    The new 2007 Camry has styling cues from the 5th, 4th, and 3rd gen Camry. It may be hard to see them, but they are there.

    The previous and current Corolla actually share similar design cues, such as similar headlight and taillight elements.

    It’s good that you brought up this point. There are only so many ways that a car can be styled, and many automakers will use similar styling elements. I find it ridiculous when I read about people saying one automaker copied another automaker’s fender flares, or rectangular taillights. These are broad design features that are not limited to just one automaker. It becomes copying when an automaker copies another automaker’s specific perspective on styling, or the specific design language.

    The Altezza didn’t specifically copy anything, it’s design was merely influenced by general European styling cues. That is quite different from the Mazda 6 (Atenza), which mimiced not only the Altezza’s name but also it’s taillights, not to mention mimicking the grill and headlights of other Toyota models.

    Some of you need to be fully aware of Toyota’s influence in Japan. Toyota’s Japanese competitors are often invited by Toyota to visit their assembly plants, and Toyota openly talks about some of their methods and processes. Honda, Nissan, Mazda engineers, to name a few, have all visited some of Toyota’s facilities, and have studied some of Toyota’s methods.

  12. Well said Johnson.
    I think the CX7/9 are ugly and pointless. Nissan got it right with the Murano years a go, and it still looks good today. This CX crap is another proof that Ford screws up the car companies it acquires. Nothing exciting going on at Volvo, same with Jaguar. Now this crap. Very unfortunate for Mazda.

  13. These CX series might not be the best looking on the road, but I will say…Mazda knows how to make cars/suv’s go down the road better than most.

    I drive a Mazda3 hatch, and if you look in the May2006 issue of Motor Trend…it spanked even the new Caliber. My Mazda3 is in a class of it’s own…

    The 6 also drives/handles much better than most midsize family sedans.

    Mazda is the ONE FordMoCo company that seems to be cranking out some winners.

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