2007 Nissan Altima

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I had read about a navigation system in the new Altima but could get any pictures of it.
Well, here it is.
The whole thing looks very nice.

Some people have compared the interior to the Pontiac G6.
But I hear from people who actually sat in the car that the quality is much, much better than the Pontiac…

This could be a great car….

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  1. It is the overall shape of the dash that resembles the G6. GM made a beautifully designed interior. However, as has been the case for many years, the execution of the design is flawed with subpar materials.

  2. it could indeed be a great car…

    i didn’t eve know about the nav-system, which is definitely a big plus.

  3. That steering wheel is absolutely teh hotness. It’s better looking than the steering wheel in the new G, LOL.

    I still would have liked to see chrome trim around the gauges, though.

    The more pics I see of this car, the more I like it. It’s going to be interesting to see how Honda positions the next Accord in response to this.

  4. I sat in the new Altima, and unlike those quick to hop on the Japanese car bandwagon, I was underwhelmed. The interior is nice, but the level of materials is not any better than the competition, and that includes the domestics. Plus Nissan stuck this interior into a body that’s far from attractive. Nissan took what was a rather nice looking car and made it look too much like the Maxima, which is not a good-looking car by any stretch. Sorry, but Nissan missed the mark with the new Altima.

  5. does anyone know if you will be able to have a manual transmission with this car? i will never buy a nissan product ever again if they dont.

  6. its not the quality of the interior that looks like a gm vehicle its the desighn. just look at that new gm radio, placement of the heating and climate controls, they look just like this, the hhr, and impala dashboard basically identical in comparing those items. i mean identical thats really sad

  7. I think the exterior looks great. As much as I am a jap-fan, I have to agree this is pretty disappointing, are we going to have to wait for the refresh to get a decent interior? Like we did for the current Altima?

  8. G, I have a post-refresh Altima, and the interior of the ’07 is MUCH nicer looking. In fact, I’m having interior-envy, LOL.

  9. Like the post a few spaces up said, Nisaan missed the mark on this one…for people who like cars that is. The current Altima did well because it was sucha huge improvement over the previous Altima.
    Making the car look like the Altima is smart profit-wise: people who want the Max but can’t afford it can have something that looks similar. Unfortunatley, only non car people but the current Max…it is just not a good looking car. The new G35 sedan on the other hand…oh la la!

  10. I think it’s a nice evolution; plus the steering wheel designs out of Japan are getting more like video game consoles’ control units. Nissan will be hugely profitable this year with all these new-model introductions.

  11. …its like looking inside a 99 Grand Am. Look at all that shinny plastic. That ought to do wonder on your eyes in the noon hour

  12. ^

    Hey, you’re right. Looking at the side shot, from the way the rear is styled, it almost looks like a hatch.

  13. ^

    It’s time to stop being delusional, and it would help being in tune with reality.

    What Toyota marketing literature? What does Toyota even have to do with this conversation? Some of you people are losing it, and are in a whole other world, but it sure isn’t reality.

    It “looks” like a hatch, because those stretched taillights and rear pillar give such an impression.

  14. The TAILIGHTS make you think it’s a hatch?


    But then again, you think the new Camry’s interior is “exciting and inviting”, so there you go.

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