2007 Nissan Maxima

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That was a waste of time, and money.
A new console doesn’t make a new interior.
And outside, they even kept the goofy tail lights.

From these super minor changes, I doubt they modified the loose steering or the shaky platform.

Why even bother. These “changes” are not going to bring anyone who didn’t like last years model.

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  1. Still, you Yanks got the better Maxima, rather than our shorter-wheelbase rebadged Teana. Ours looks like it’s standing still when it’s moving.

  2. i dont see the point either, but on the teana thing, i would rather have the teanas interior at least in our maxima, with the teanas tail lights that actually fit the rest of the car, and dont seem to come off a minivan or something

  3. What happened to the “vastly improved interior” we kept hearing about?!!! This looks like they simply replaced huge amounts of silver painted plastic with huge amounts of fake wood. I have always been a fan of the Maxima and do not agree with Vince about the “loose steering” (light maybe but not loose) or the “shaky platform” but this is a dissappointment. Yes, I will reserve final judgement until I see it in person but these pictures are not getting me excited.

  4. Whoah, calm down Yeast Infection. Yes, the Maxima did have a problem in terms of looks. That huge silver plastic console in the inerior looked like crap in an otherwise nice $30k car. Visit some forums and you would know that part of people’s expectations for the new interior is that it would LOOK BETTER in addition to using higher quality materials. Anyway, your garbled and curse-riddled post doesn’t lend much credibility to your ranting.

  5. The grille from that angle looks like a bad photoshop job, even though I know it’s real.

    Nothing new here. But I never really cared much for the new Maxima anyway, so I don’t notice any of the changes.

  6. The the new max is awesome! I’ve already driven it and I love it! You have to sit in it to appreciate it. The new spoiler gives it an awesome look to!

  7. I love the updated Maxima. I still like the current one, and only thing I dont like the interior lining as much. Anyway if the new one looks better in real life I am buying one on the spot. Oh, hopefully the toque steer is lower now.

  8. Wow, it’s like someone copied the old Lexus GS from memory. Same back lights, similar 3-dial dash, similar shape.

  9. I knew it.

    The changes on this new Maxima were overhyped, and I was definitely expecting this after all the usual buzz from Nissan officials and supporters.

    The dash looks strange by being so flat. The interior remains virtually unchanged, except for mainly the wood trim.

    The exterior is virtually the same. That top-view shot of the exterior was done on purpose; it gives the illusion that the headlights are more sporty looking, when in fact, from a conventional angle they look very similar to the current ones.

    Even the grill doesn’t seem to be a big improvement.

    I am confident this will do virtually nothing for Maxima sales.

    Nissan needs to improve fast, or they may start going down another slippery slope towards turmoil.

    Ghosn got them out of near-bankruptcy by breaking many Japanese traditions and company policies. Huge cost cutting was done, and the sole focus of Nissan’s re-emergence a few years ago was quick profit, by selling vehicles based on lots of style, but little substance.

    Nissan’s sales have not been good, both in Canada and in the US for the last several months, despite an overall fresh lineup of vehicles. More and more customers are noticing the “style, but no substance” character that most Nissan vehicles have.

    The only saving grace of the new Maxima is a CVT tranny, which should help performance a bit, and give much needed fuel economy improvement for the VQ engine.

  10. What’s the point!?How can any one call that a redisgn.i was expecting much more!i thought the would make a better design but instead they gave us this crap with basically nothing done to it with an uglier front end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. For all of Johnson’s blathering, one wouldn’t know that just last week Nissan North America announced it’s best-selling fiscal year ever, a 6.1% increase over sales in FY04. Go figure.

  12. For 2006, Nissan North American sales seem to be down so far. And for Canada at least, Nissan sales are way down. Even if Nissan continues with sales increases, they are slowing down.

    These are facts, you can go and look them up yourself.

  13. 1Q NNA sales are down 0.6%, hardly the “sky is falling” scenario you would lead others to believe. This following a windfall operating profit margin of 9.5% for 4Q05, as reported by Business Week magazine.

    I know that you worship all things Toyota, but try to be less obvious about your bias.

  14. OMG! I think they actually made it worse! And with the new Altima, what’s the point? I don’t understand the purpose of the Max anymore.

  15. Hmm, I worship all things Toyota? It sure would feel good if your statement was correct, wouldn’t it? Making things up isn’t going to get you very far though. I wish to refrain from using any sort of insults and schoolyard attacks, as clearly that shows that one is either a child, or has the mental abilities of a child.

    Nissan sales in March were down almost 3%. Nissan sales in Canada are way down. Even Mazda sales in Canada have beaten Nissan’s sales for the past month or two. This is keeping in mind that the Altima used to be a big seller in Canada.

    For all the hype and buzz that Nissan fans spout, as well as Nissan marketing, they have little to actually show for it.

    Meanwhile, other companies like Honda and Toyota quietly go about their business, while continually posting record sales and profits.

  16. LOL, Nissan’s financial results of late most certainly evidence a lot to show for it. But hey, don’t let reality infringe on your world view.

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