2007 saturn Outlook

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This one also looks pretty nice.
But does it look really like a Saturn. Or does it?
I mean, it looks like it could be a good Chevrolet. Especially inside.
There will be versions for GMC and Buick as well.
But this to me looks more like a Chevrolet with a Saturn front end…

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  1. This car looks like a Saturn!!

    Saturn’s got a new image and this car fits it perfectly!

    You seem to have a curious anti-GM bias latley! Where is the love Vinny!?

  2. i really like this suv, very modern, nice interior(as long as the plastics are fine) I’m really surprised at how well it came out..no if gm could fix cadillac

  3. This is very nice, the only negative thing about it is that Saturn logo. I mean to some people who don’t care for Saturn, but to me this is well appointed. Let’s hope quality and gas mph is a lot better.

  4. Why another clone ? It look like a Chevy… What Saturn is suppose to bring at GM ? I’ll wait for the Buick…

  5. very weird looking, needs to be a bit shorter in wheelbase but pretty decent looking, another full assed effort by GM !

  6. Le québécois said…

    Why another clone ? It look like a Chevy… What Saturn is suppose to bring at GM ? I’ll wait for the Buick…
    7:14 AM
    Le québécois said…

    Does it replace the Envoy and the Trailblaser ? If not, the line-up is crowded …

    A clone of the Envoy/Trailblazer? You know this is a completely different platform right? The Envoy/Trailblazer are built on a ladder frame RWD truck chass. The Outlook/Enclave/Acadia are built on a unibody FWD chassis.

  7. This thing reportedly is bigger than a Trailblazer! What is the point of having this??? Loosk like a Trailblazer.

    Overall it looks good but I see sales slipping between one of them. Chevorlet will not be happy with this vehicle.

  8. It looks like a Cadillac SRX “EXT”, if they were to make such a thing. Like the fugly TrailBlazer extended wheelbase model with some Cadillac styling cues.

    I really think they ought to make a short wheelbase model of this. It would look a lot better. I like the rear end, though–it reminds me of a Mini…on stilts.

  9. so, this is what the Saturn Relay should have been. The interior looks too much like a Tahoe’s. Basically a another pointless “cross-over”

  10. Exterior: I’m not a fan of the front, as it reminds me of the GM CSV’s and to an extent the Relay. Otherwise I like the side and especially the rear. The tail lights remind me of the FJ Cruiser actually. The front reminds me a lot of the Chevy Captiva, which is not good. The new Vue is supposed to be based on the Captiva, and if it has this type of front, it will be hard to distinguish a Vue from an Outlook.

    Interior: I praise GM for moving away from gray plastic and actually using a different colour like blue. It makes a big difference. I also give further praise for using two-tone plastic, again bravo to GM for that one. Overall, this interior looks MUCH better and MUCH more inviting than the Aura. Even the centre stack, and fit and finish seems to be a step above the Aura, if you go out and look at high res pics of the Outlook. GM is also using a Toyota/Honda style fold-flat 3rd row, which is great. Main interior gripes are that the centre dash portion looks rather cheap, but not as bad as the Aura’s centre stack.

    Even the specs are impressive, as every Outlook comes with a 6 speed auto and the 3.6L DOHC V6. But in contrast to the Aura, the V6 in this case makes more power with the XE trim making 265, and the XR Outlook making 267, due to a different exhaust. 6 speed standard and the base Outlook making 265HP; GM finally has something very competitive. This nearly matches Toyota’s V6. AWD will be optional. All that remains is too see what sort of fuel economy the 3.6L V6 will be getting. The same 3.6L in the CTS gets dissapointing fuel economy.

    In contrast to the Aura, it seems that Nav and DVD will be available on this.

    Likewise, I expect the Outlook to be priced quite a bit higher than the Aura.

    The new Highlander better be good, as this should definitely prove to be some good competition.

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