2007 Suzuki XL-7

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Without the fake wood, that interior looks pretty plain…
And look at the back seat! Who can fit back there?

Why bother?
Why even bother with the whole thing at all. Most people don’t even know about Suzuki.

Is a stretched Vue/Equinox the answer to put the brand on the map???

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  1. It is not the worst looking thing in the world. Just look at the Frankenstein picture of Vince with the rat teeth and the underarm hair for his head. Vince, please do a photoshop of that since it looks really gross.

  2. Ouch that was harsh. Looks shouldn’t matter. Vince is a great guy and he’s helpful enough to show the world what’s going on in the world of cars. Someone needs to get a grip.
    Anyhoo, Vince, I like this car a lot. Your right, the back seat is the most pointless thing I’ve ever seen. As soon as you can, I would like to see some pictures of the rear portion of the vehicle. I’m curious to see what it is like. I’ve heard it has several ties to the Vue’s rear end. Not a bad looking car overall. The design is halfway daring, but thank God it’s not “Aztec” daring. Thanx again for the great reviews and pics!

  3. I just updated the post with a new picture.
    It does look a lot like a stretched Vue, because it is…

    And by the way, my look is a carefully crafted process that will propel me to the top of the entertainment industry.
    Move over Tom cruise and Brad Pitt.

  4. Vicnce sorry for the harsh words, but I’m just looking out for you!

    Anyway, Suzuki will follow in the Honda Passport’s footsteps which needed help to climb up the latter in order to take on bigger rivals.
    If you remember, the Passport was also built at a Izuzu/GM plant in Indiana. Eventually, Honda created its wonderful Piolot and Suzuki will build its own.
    It would be nice to see Suzuki become much more popular and I think they will one day become as big as their Japanese and Korean buddies.

  5. I do now see a difference with the top photo compared to others I’ve seen.
    1) The Grill is blacked-out
    2) The hood has tiny slots near the sides like the smaller sibiling Grand Vitara.
    = maybe these are the final version??

  6. i dont like the look of this car. i do like the grand vitara’s looks. so much in fact, that i just bought one and am proud to say it was a smart decision. and to think i thought suzuki went out of business…

  7. Just what i´m always saying about those 3rd row seats in every new car – far too tiny to be usefull, but hey, there are even shorter vehicles with 3 rows (RAV 4,at least looks smaller) – who needs that? Save the money and the weight!

  8. I see they’ve used the hood design, trailblazed by Dodge I believe, that leaves a horrible looking seam when viewed from the side. Awful.

  9. THAT TOP PICTURE IS NOT REAL! It is a photoshopped image of the XL7. I saw it on a car forum website, where someone made it. Nice try, Vince!

  10. hey!!!!!

    the first picture is photoshop.
    Now Suzuki sell abt 1,000-2,000 XL-7 per month.
    if they offers New XL-7, i think they can make at lease
    3,000-4,000 a month(Suzuki plans 50,000 unit a years)

    i think Suzuki offers a good overall packet. the main point is
    value,yes the exterior is do or die but they’re 5,000 dollar cheaper than competitor.
    that will make XL-7 stand out.

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