Acura MDX Concept

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I’ll file this one under “needs more work”.
And lots of it, especially on the front end…

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  1. I agree.

    What the hell is Acura thinking by stinking up the NYSauto show like that? Quite frankly, I don’t know what to make of it. I am speechless, it’s a shame. They should have hired the Chinese and maybe the copy would come out looking better, because this thing stinks. One more thing; I know it’s a concept, but where the hell did that grill come from?


  2. i can see the FX in the D-pillar but i really see AUDI in the taillamp shape.

    I think I like the current breadbox MDX better – the design is more cohesive.

  3. i wish we could file this under “NEVER”

    but unfortunately, this is a thinly veiled production type, acura probably has it almost ready.

    too bad it’s ugly.

  4. Well I actually prefer this to the RDX, because at least the proportions are not as bad on this MDX. The RDX is an ill-proportioned (narrow and tall) CSX wagon!

  5. I would buy one. No matter what it looks like some people will always criticize. Regardless of that fact there will always be a buyer for this car and that’s who honda builds it for. Sales figures speak louder than opinions.

  6. To the person who feels that sales figures speak louder than opinions:

    So are you saying that anything that is popular must be good, just because someone is willing to buy it? If so, I disagree.

    Case in point: the Hummer. Those things sell like hot cakes and yet they are utter pieces of crap. What about 22″ inch chrome spinner wheels. A lot of people buy those too.

    By your rationalle, Britney Spears is a gifted musician and Jack in the Box makes good food. I’m not sure if I am making my point clearly, but what I’m trying to say is that there are a lot of unsophisticated consumers out there, with absolutely no taste — people who will run out and buy garbage just because it is trendy or cheap.

  7. To the person who responded to the person that feels sales figures speak louder than opinions: 1. Britney Spears is a gifted “entertainer.” 2. Try the Jack in the box Ciabatta sandwiches, they are quite good.

    And as for the Acura MDX Concept, it’s a bold design…so far I think it is doing exactly what a concept is supposed to do…creat a buzz. The production version will be toned down/altered and I’m sure it will be a looker and a smart buy too.

  8. Like I said earlier no matter what it looks like people will criticize. That doesn’t mean those criticisms are fact. Honda continually posts record sales numbers month after month while GM posted 10 billion in losses last year. A bad product would not sell so well for so long, thats just the way the industry works regardless of what your opinions might be. And you thought you sounded so smart.

  9. And what’s the “buzz” this concept is supposed to create? That Honda can’t come up with an original design, so they come up with an oddly proportioned rehash of an Infiniti FX?

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