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It seems that quite a few people (at least on this site) are a bit disappointed with the new BMW 3 series coupe design.
There might be a cure available to us late next year. (Or whenever they make up their minds…)

The new Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe and Spider Convertible are in the same price range as the new BMW Coupes.
And they both look amazing.
Alfa’s quality has improved a lot in the past years, while BMW has not. (To put it mildly))

Would anyone here consider an Alfa in the US over a 3 series????

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  1. If anyone has owned an Italian car, they would know how terrible the quality was, even the high end cars. Their interiors are also surprisingly cheap and poorly fitted. They do have nice leather though. I would have to wait to see quality reports before I buy one, so I’d wait a few years after it was relased. Plus it doesn’t even look that amazing, especially knowing it will be priced very high.

  2. Vince, this might not be the right spot to post this, but here’s more proof you are right about the 2007 crv: link Found on the Temple of VTEC.

  3. beautiful…simly beautiful. Why can’t they make reliable japanese cars that look like that? Maybe now that former Alfa designer Andreas Zapatinas is at Subaru, it might start happening. (Though the hideous snouts he did for the Tribecca and ’06 WRX don’t bode well for the future)

  4. Is it just me, or does this car look quite ugly from rear 3/4 angle?

    I’ll admit, the front 3/4 angle looks amazing, but I think this car would’ve looked much better (and probably sold more of it) if they made it into a traditional coupe.

    Hatchback is great, but who wants to pay $40,000+ for it? They better not bring this over here, because it’s doomed from the beginning.

  5. i would buy this over a bmw coupe any day, regaurdless of quality or the fact that its a hatch (most people wouldn’t consider it a hatch anyway). plus, as anyone who has ever owned a fiat knows, you never pay full price for an italian car. a bmw is quite a different story.

  6. Since GM has an association with Alfa Romeo, they could bring some of the Alfa’s over with very minor front end restyling as Pontiacs. Those would be some damn fine looking Pontiacs…

  7. Vince, the only car that turns my head these days is that gorgeous bently coupe. can you take one for a spin and tell us all what you think…pleeeease.

  8. why would bmw have to improve their quality, alfa romeo has always made poorly built, unreliable, low quality cars. they have more problems than you can imagine when they were here, now comparing that to a company that isnt in that same boat. (on top of the fact it looks good, but just how un lemon like is it now adays) and just that bmws have always been high quality….stop being jealous, bmws are only cars

  9. and no matter how dillusional regarding bmws that you are, there is no way you can the interior of this car on the same level as a 3 series

  10. “why would bmw have to improve their quality”

    Just go to the JD Powers website and start reading.

    Here in L A you can lease a BMW for quite a bit less than $400 a month.
    Why would I be jealous about that???
    Most people over here spend more on their cars (including me)

  11. “Anonymous said…

    Since GM has an association with Alfa Romeo, they could bring some of the Alfa’s over with very minor front end restyling as Pontiacs. Those would be some damn fine looking Pontiacs…”

    YAY BADGE ENGINEERING!! What GM’s best at!

    GM couldnt do this; there is no link between Fiat and GM. It was terminated last year.

    Anonymous you’re an idiot!

  12. I hope Alfa never go back to the States because cars are always uglyfied for the American market, and I dont want that to happen to Alfa Romeo.

  13. This car is fucking sex on wheels. Who cares if its not reliable. Just put it on the front lawn and polish it once in a while.

  14. The cars were “uglyfied” because of specific US bumper regulations in the 70’s and 80’s.
    It is not the case anymore. They would look exactly like this over here.
    And the plan was for GM to bring these over and selling them next to Saabs.
    I’m not sure what happened to that idea…

  15. outside, niiiiice!
    inside?????? yuuuuck,
    it looks like a volve and maserati interior mixed up, but umm, more volvo then maserati…ewww

  16. Gm might have had plans with Alfa Romeo (and they were also related), but thats past as they sold their stake in FIAT, the owner of Alfa. So no relation anymore to GM. But rumors around in Europe say that Alfas might get to the US alongside Maserati (which itself is owned by Alfa Romeo)in one or two years. But def. without GM.
    And concerning the Brera: Though i´m a fanm of italian cars, i didn´t like the Brera from the first photos, but seeing them in person now especially the back is “damn sexy” 😉

  17. I think the face looks like an owl. Hoo.

    And the rear of the hatch was swiped off of an FX.

    And OMFG, it has THREE CIRCULAR VENTS in the center of the dash!!! That’s sooooooo Pontiac!!! They just copied the design!!! Or does that criticism only apply to the new Altima? LOL.

    Like the wheels, though.

  18. As long as Alfa dealer service is good in the States, it stands a chance. In the UK and in New Zealand, it leaves something to be desired.

  19. PS.: Styling-wise, it fails a bit on a side view where you notice how long the nose is. But I have become so accustomed to the shape by now I overlook this …

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