Car Espresso?!

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I never noticed this. The boring Audi Roadjet concept has a weird and unusual feature: an espresso machine between the rear seats!

You in their right mind would allow people to make coffee in the car while you’re driving???
Why not put a sink back there?

Audi needs to think about more exiting designs before they install coffee machines in their cars…

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  1. I can see it now: a driver trying to reach back to get their freshly-made espresso, losing control of the car, and denting a tree. Maybe Audi should also provide a manual coffee grinder just to complete the package.

  2. Never again do I want to hear pretentious Europeans complain about “fat, lazy Americans” and our penchant for cupholders in cars.

  3. HI! This is a concept…meaning it has features that may not make production ever, or won’t for many years. GET OVER IT! It was just a design excercise. And by the way Vince, you spell exciting with a C.

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