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Chery made it clear they want to enter the US market very soon. And this all new A5 (Isn’t Audi planning an A5?) could make it over here.
The design isn’t an obvious copy of anything, but looks like a blend of everything. From Nissans to the Chevy Malibu.

With a 1.6 Liter engine good for only 110hp, this is not on of the super cars importer Malcolm Briklin is talking about.
But if they can keep the price well under $10 000, they might just have a chance against the cheapest Korean models..

And actually, it doesn’t seem to look so bad in black…

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  1. I see some one did a redone of the maxima.. Front Grill is not that bad, it actually looks better on there than the maxima.

  2. I see some Nissan in the front, along with a bit of Honda. Hyundai in the back, with a touch of Honda. The logo is Nissan (Infiniti) and the interior is generic but good. I don’t see how this is competing with the 3 series as they had mentioned, its more of a civic/corolla competitor, maybe even less, like a fit/yaris competitor. But its a really good first effort.

  3. Vince, you are right: price is key. The design is contemporary and inoffensive, but people will have doubts over quality.

  4. “I think you meant “Well UNDER”
    (not “well over” $10,000)”

    Right, that’s whay I meant.
    Sorry about the mistake ( I must start drinking later in the day…)

  5. Well from the outside its not too bad for under $10,000 but cmon, will this thing be reliable or safe? I doubt it, and why would anyone even blow that much money if thats the case. The real advantage china will play in our auto market will be when GM folds and they escape the UAW by moving production to china.

  6. It highly resembles that of an Altima especially the front end/grill. The ironic thing about is that their icon is very similar to Infiniti’s icon.
    Maybe Nissan will jump into a court battle along with Chevy.

  7. if anyone is jummping into court play it will be Audi over its name. or maybe thats what chery wants from the first place. get some cash out of audi for not using A5

  8. That rear quarter panel cutline has to be the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.

    And dig those wheel flares!


  9. Looks like they took the side of a Maxima, the front of the Altima, the rear of an old Hyundai Accent, and the interior design of the Hyundai Azera and just pasted them together.

  10. a good amount of chinese cars are partly imitated off bigger models in the abroad market…but now chinese companies like chery are also creating their own models etc… check out chery cars and pictures aas well as other chinese cars here.

  11. Yeah, that emblem will get them a lawsuit and injunction from Nissan/Infiniti right quick. I guess this is what happens when you’re from a country that routinely ignores laws regarding copyrights, patents, etc.

  12. Well lets see, the probably pay their worker with no benefits $1 an hour, this car will probably cost $2000, there will be lots of US buyers.

  13. absolutely hideous car and a disgusting company. they need to keep that shit back in china where it belongs

  14. Hey 11:25, great idea! How about a white hooded car with auto-extending torches, and change the front logo to say…3 k’s. You’ll look so cool at yr next rally!

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