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It seems the US (Camry’s largest market) is getting the “worse” version…
Australia is getting the Aurion. A slightly modified Camry.
And now, China is getting this version of the Aurion. Called the Camry.

As you can see, the subtle changes make it look a bit more upscale than our Camry.

Who gets the best one???

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  1. The US Camry looks cheaply made, and their tailights look similar to the Honda Civic 2 door. This one looks nice.

  2. This Chinese Camry looks A LOT better. The styling is MUCH cleaner and more upscale-looking; I really like the grille, headlights, and interior, among other things. I wasn’t impressed with the U.S. version at all when it came out, as I thought the body looked almost the same as the 2001-2006 Camry, and the front and rear ends had tacky headlights and taillights. Also, the “folds” between the front/rear fascias and the side fenders were poorly executed. They should have made the folds smoother or lightly creased, not cheap-looking and plasticky. In total, the U.S. version’s styling is just not cohesive at all. I don’t know why people think it’s better-looking or any less boring than previous Camrys. This is definitely NOT simply a case of liking what we can’t have.

  3. US version is better for several reasons.

    First, I do have to agree that the Chinese Camry has a better grill and improved lines on the front fascia that gives it a more elegant, stronger look. However, I think the “elegant, up-scale” look would translate to being “broing” over here across the Pacific. I think that Toyota took a chance and introduced the new cruved grill/hood/emblem design on the Camry and the Yaris and possibly other sedans such as the Corolla. It’s differnt, and thus, not as boring. the slimmer front lights provide teh car with a sense of speed, which it can now justify with its new 6 cylinder engine at around 260 or so HPs. This no doubt attracts critical acclaim and also car buyers. In the end, I think toyota cleverly designed the US Camry, Chinese/JP Camry, and the ES.

    BTW, did anyone else notice the small change in the upper dash. Instead of placing information like the time a few inches behind the consol, it is now directly on top of the console, which would mean that Toyota had to design a new dash. Interesting that Toyota would go out of the way that much for a minor interior change that most people wont even look twice about.

  4. I have to agree with MCK on how the styling of the Aurion will translate Stateside. But a few points: the Aurion was always going to be a Camry for some markets. Australia gets both the Camry and the Aurion: even though both cars have the same wheelbase and platform, Toyota Australia is positioning the Camry about the same as where it is Stateside, but the Aurion will fight the established full-size cars (Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore). Australia does not get the ES as Anonymous No. 1 said, though I believe New Zealand does—a market which will see ES, Camry and Aurion.

  5. While I agree that an elegant, upscale Camry might translate into ‘boring’ here in America, the foldy/slanty, awkward styling of the U.S. version doesn’t exactly translate into ‘fun’, either. It still looks like a Toyota, still like your typical Corolla or Avalon. Of course, it would still sell like hotcakes either way, which was all it was really designed to do in the first place, seeing how it is (and always has been) simply an appliance.

  6. None of the U.S. Camrys I’ve seen have a rub strip on the side as does the Chinese Camry.

    Too many new cars have no side, door ding protection and without a rub strip, some cars’ flat sides look like refrigerator doors.

    Even the sporty Lexus IS model is a slab-sided thing with its high-waisted belt line and plain exterior door panels. I don’t like that look at all.

  7. I do have to say, though. If Toyota used its Chinese design here in the U.S., it would look too much like the new Hyundai Sonata.

  8. I shouldnt have said that the “US version is better” because it might not be depending on your preference for the Aurion or the US Camry. What I should have said is that the US version should be released in the US and the Aurion should be released overseas.

    Here’s why; the distinctive direction that Toyota took on the styling for the US Camry has caught the attention of many car buyers here in the states. Its definitely different so it attracted new buyers but still conservative enough to keep their loyal Toyota customers. The Aurion I think is more of a conservative design that better suits the intended audience over there. So basically, Toyota took some consideration about their demographic and the design distribution for their Camry, which will allow them to sell tons of these cars, moreso than before.

  9. As someone said, Australia is getting both this as the Aurion as well as the Camry.

    Basically the Aurion is just another name for a V6 Camry.

    Cars with the Camry nameplate here are 4 cylinder only.

    Btw as far as differences go, the bonnet(hood), headlights and bumper are different, trunklid and rear lights, rear bumper are different.

    Side quarter panels front and rear are actually the same. It’s a very cost effective change.

  10. From the front, it looks like the MkX of the Toyota in Japan. The MkX is much better than the Camry anywhere in the world.

  11. I just read an article about the new avalon. I’m worried, it says that toyota has deflected problems and that this car is plagued with quality issues. Go to the Inside Track to read. They call the avalon a problematic vehicle! Oh Oh!

  12. I’ve read they said from market research. Camry is a luxurious car in Asia. In USA, it’s a family car. So, that’s the reson of differences.

    Where did you get the pics? I think it’s for Taiwan introduction this month. China mainland might get the same version as USA. It would be nice if you honer the owner of the pictures, everytime.

  13. These are official pictures from Toyota.
    So I “honer” the owner: the Toyota motors corporation

  14. I think we always get “gipped”. The Chinese and Aurion Camrys are way better looking inside and out then the US version. The Aurion has more styling cues from the MarkX than the Camry does. All three would sell like hotcakes here IMHO.
    Why Toyota doesn’t bring the MarkX to our shores is beyond me. It would kill the Acuras and Infitis.

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