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I am not sure if their quality is improving. But there is one thing the Chinese car makers are getting really good at: copy other designs.
This new Geely looks just like a smaller clone of the all new Saturn Aura.


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  1. this is pathethic, GEELy should stop making cars definitely! This particular car looks like a half assed finished car any way hic hic
    so much for trying to copy!!!
    peace !

  2. Chinese carmakers should blacken their B-pillars. It would make their cars look a little less cheap and third world-looking.

  3. Geely is definately more in the cloning industry,, but check out other chinese cars like CHERY or GWM or BRILLAINCE…they dont copy, they have their own teams..and sure they copy a little..not like geely thought
    heres some pics

  4. I agree, Phil. Whenever the Red Chinese start building foreign cars (e.g. the Austin Maestro), they leave the B-pillars body colour. And they look poorer for it.
       The front of this Geely looks like a next-generation Opel Corsa without the refinement.

  5. Got to agree with Chinacars on vehicles like the Zhonghua (China Brilliance). Not sure how well they are made, but they do have their own identity that is less derivative when compared to the Geely.

  6. I disagree. This car has more style than the one it copies, it is more angular and pronounced. However, build quality is ovbiously inferior. I’d say in 5 years, Chinese will be the new korean, korean will be the new japanese, and japanese will be the new european

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