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How did that happened?

A small Peugeot against 2 busses is actually not a fair fight in the 1st place.

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  1. That Peuguot looks sandwiched in the two buses. I would guess probably the driver of the Peuguot 206 was either parking in that spot or he wasn’t looking where he was driving. However this does trump my mind. Oh and why did the rear hatch open? Oh well that driver just have to wait about that insurance bill.

  2. Vince, you’re allways so clever about everything, but this time you totally failed.

    The car is a Pug 206 and is stranded between two trams…

  3. These aren’t busses they are city trolleys on tracks. They couldn’t get out of the way if they wanted to.

  4. Trolleys on tracks. That explains it.

    Imagine being inside that car and seeing these 2 monsters getting closer and closer….

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