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It’s pretty much the same story as the Caliber.
It looks nice, seems to have great features, but with this interior it better be really cheap… Maybe it is.

And I haven’t seen this chocolate brown interior color in years. These days they are usually using a lighter tan or a more red brownish color like in some Nissans or Mazdas.

This almost reminds you of your breakfast when you were a little kid…

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  1. I like the chocolate brown tone. It’s just too bad it looks so cheap, even if it’s slightly better at this angle. They should at least have the decency to cover up that storage console in front of the passenger seat. Like I said, they ought to fire the interior design person who did this. His cheap-o-ness begun with the 300/Magnum, which also have the same suspicious shapes inside.

  2. I like the exterior design of the Patriot but I’m not sure why they went with this post dated ’90s design theme. Why produce such an attractive design and then spoil it with the worst looking interior?

    Watering down the Jeep line is this will do and it’s too damn bad.


  3. I’m sure its been mentioned before but I forgot. Is this thing based on the liberty or some FWD platform like the Caliber with a trasverse engine?

  4. What’s up with the headrests? They remind of me 1980’s Volvos.

    I think they should have done a mini-Grand Cherokee interior on the Patriot. Yes, the plastics in the GC aren’t that great but the design is far more pleasing than the interior in the Patriot now.

  5. The interior does seem identical to the Caliber.

    Before the press (& blogger) onslought against the Caliber interior I saw it at the car show in Jan. I was astonished at how cheap the dash was. There were rough, seemingly unfinished edges on the plastics. There were huge gaps and misaligned parts. And the materials were sub-Fisher-Price. Reach in the glove compartment and you’d probably cut your hand.

    And this was the car they picked for the car show. It must have been one of the nicer ones.

    I like the Patriot’s exterior and the general concept, though.

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