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This seems to be an illustration of the upcoming IS Convertible.
It matches the spy shot I posted a few days ago.
Again, 2.5 liter as well as 3.5 liter will be offered. The hardtop of course, folds into the trunk.

If the price starts at around $36 000, this could be a hit for Lexus.
If you want to step up from a Sebring, G6 or any other sub $30 000 convertibles, right now you have to spend at least $40 000 to get something better.

Bad news for the overpriced Volvo C70…

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  1. Seems like a fairly accurate illustrate, although I’m guessing the details on the production model would be different. I’m also guessing there would at least be some differentiation between the coupe/convertible and the sedan styling-wise.

    Pricing would likely start at 36K for the 2.5L, and possibly be about 40K for the 3.5L version. Of course, in my mind I hope that Lexus replaces the 2.5L with their 3.0L, as the 2.5L is just a bit underpowered.

  2. D Jones is definately special…or should I say blind and overtly patriotic in a stupid way?

    the illustration looks pretty good…but it might not sell as much as Lexus wants for one reason only…that Saabesque butt is just not attractive. The 9-3 convertible languished at the dealers for that reason.
    It is definately NOT a threat to the 3 series convertible…it has an established following. The only thign that will save this Lexus is if it is priced low enough to make it attractive, and if they fix the butt. The front looks very nice.
    I wonder if it is a hard top…if it is, it might give it an edge over its competition.

  3. The IS convertible is basically guaranteed as a hardtop. No cheap soft-tops like BMW. Lexus wants to keep everything premium and luxurious.

    I’d say some of you are jumping the gun, as that is not 100% official production photo.

    It is merely an “illustration” or photochop if you will.

  4. …blind and overtly patriotic in a stupid way

    There’s a really good word for that I learned the other day – jingoism

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