Mazda CX-9

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This looks to me like the recipe for the perfect early 21 century car.
It looks great, has a really nice, modern and luxurious interior.
It is pretty large but not too big.
It is based on a good modern car platform. And the new 3,5 Liter 250hp V6 should finally match the Japanese competition.

Let’s hope it is as good as it looks.
Not on sale before early 2007 though…

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  1. Son Of A Bitch, this is gorge, nothing sludgy toyota makes can touch this svelte machine, eats up lexunt too.

  2. I can’t help but think Lexus and Toyota when I look at the front end.

    The interior is nice, and looks actually similar to GM’s new interiors.

    My favourite part is the rear, they seem to have done a good job.

    This will be a decent seller, but nothing spectacular. Mazda has never had a spectacular seller.

  3. the interior is really nice, it looks like a luxury car. its funny how much nicer this car is than either the rdx, or g35 hell alot of other luxury cars/suvs ive seen including the infiniti fx interior and its a mazda. quality, detail, and good desighn dont have to be expensive….

  4. above average is nice smart guy. thats why when cars like infinitis, and cadillac get reviews like average interior materials it means they are in a lesser class, above average interiors are luxury cars…..but thanks for agreeing in your own way…idiot

  5. I truly hope in real life this thing looks alot bigger than the cx7 cause in pics they seem to be the same size, I know cause i saw the cx7 at the LA auto show and stood under the thing ! and seeing mazda just cancelled the tribute so the cx7 will replace it and the new cx9 is gonna be very pricey I really hope there is a huge difference between the 2 vehicles cause they sure do look alot alike in pics ! and ya gotta laugh when your at auto shows, i heard a female car sales gal from lincoln telling a dude that the zephyr is based on the tribute platform, and the guy said well i should just buy a tribute cause its much cheaper than this zephyr ! and another dude trying to tell me that the ford gt retails at 75k, i had to tell him nope ! its more like double that amount.

  6. My mind is made up! This thing is a Lexus copycat every time you look at it. Don’t compare this thing to Acura in term of quality, looks maybe; However, Honda products are superior in finish, quality, engine
    resale value, electronics etc.
    Remember that thing is still a Ford. They maybe good in trucks, but when it comes to cars or crossovers they suck! SUCK!
    Even the interior looks like the old rx300.
    My neighbor but that little Mazda 3 in July 05 he paid about $22,500. loaded. I thought he was insane to have spent that much any way. In December of that same year, the damn thing only value at $13,500. He would have been better off getting a strip Civic.

  7. Honda is superior to Mazda in no way. I worked at a Honda dealership in Arizona for almost 5 years, now I work at a Mazda store for the past year and a half because a friend owns the store. I’m telling you first hand from behind the scenes and all the BULLSHIT, Mazda is a far superior product in every way and the company backs the product up better. End of story, NO argument.

  8. I agree. My family always used to have Honda, recently sold out 2002 Acura TL and got a Mazda instead. The TL was so downmarket compared to the Mazda that we got. The quality of materials in the Mazda were WITHOUT A DOUBT better then the Acura and it handles much better. Ever look inside an RSX lately? Horrible, plasticy interior.

  9. honda superior to who, please i would buy a mazda anyday before i bought a honda. hondas are bland oddly shaped, excuses for cars, that only good point is there reliability. and as far as acura i mean comeon….tsx–honda accord. tl–honda accord, rsx–civic, acura isnt a luxury brand at all it is neither presitgious or all that nice. and this car is nicer than the current generation mdx from what i can see, a car that has always been criticized for not being able to match its competitors on any level except being cheaper. im not a mazda guy at all im a bmw guy, but i can see strengths in all brands, i dont think just because i drive a car it is automatically superior to everything. that and the fact honda/acura is totally over rated on everything. and in the case of the rl not that cheap….its priced against the v8 cars in its class, and doesnt have one it has a 300hp v8. 5 series-360 e class-380, sts-320, infiniti/audi-around 340, tack that on to all wood grain and i cant see why this thing is priced over cars like the avalaon and azera….please

  10. I don’t care for the exterior. Looks like cross between Cayenne and old Santa Fe. Way too fussy and busy. But the interior is nice.

  11. Does any one remember the not so long ago 626? Hm…….. No! but I still remember the ’89 Accord.
    let’s see, maybe you guys remember the MX6… Hm…Not really.
    I remember the Prelude.
    Maybe you guys remember MX3.
    I don’t think so, but I still remember the CRX.
    By the way, what ever happend to that Ford Escape clone? Is it still with us, I think it used to be called Tribute.
    Helo!! CRV is still a target for other car company.
    My point exactly, nobody remember those cars. Should I mention that thing they used to call MPV that got shut down by the Odysssssseeeee?
    As far as quality goes, every one got problem in that area, I have ’02 BMW M5 that I really love, but the fit and finish in that car are Sh*ts. It feels like everything were glued with spit. Window regulators, power sit buttons, cup holders, ash tray are falling apart. The mechanical is great, but quality for a $70,000. car is not upto par.
    By the way doesn’t Lexus do the same thing as Acura? Camry—>Avalon—>ES 330. Audi A4—VW Jetta, A6—Passat. Even DCX (Merc) does the same thing. So that comment about Acuras are Honda has no merrit to it.
    And by the way, The TSX is not based on the US Accord, it’s a whole different car. Do you know how many Foreign luxury cars sold in the US are based on some taxi cab in Europe? Bet no one thought of that.

  12. where was this car between 2002 – 2006 to compete others? is it a bit late to introduce now while some others are already well known? like rx and fx.

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