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The new Outlander is now officially Japan’s best selling SUV.
A good thing for Mitsubishi. Many people had written them off the map.
I remember when, back in the 80’s, the Galand was praised as one of the best sedan you could get by most of the US press.

And, as you can see, there are already plenty of after market parts available for the Outlander. At least in its home market.

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  1. From this angle, and this model trim, it all of a sudden looks like a Pontiac Torrent.

    And what’s with all continued talk of the Rav 4 being pricey? It starts at about 20K, just like a CR-V, and just like a Ford Escape.

    The current Outlander starts at about 18,5K, and it’s more of a wagon than an SUV. Don’t expect the new one to be any cheaper.

  2. Johnson, I have just seen the sticker price of a nicely packaged RAV4 for $ 27.000 USD. I think that is too expensive for a cute-ute.

  3. Im not saying the Rav4 is expensive, its not a cute-ute anymore, its larger and has good features, what im saying is that the Outlander should be cheaper because its the same thing, not really better, and to take away customers who see the Toyota as the standard, they need to be either better for the same price, or the same, for a lower price. Since its basically the same, if its cheaper by just a little, it won’t likely take many sales away from the Rav4 (and the new CRV)

  4. What’s your point? A fully loaded CR-V, or fully loaded Escape isn’t exactly “cheap” either. Plus, the CR-V does not even have a V6 available.

  5. Also I would like to add that the new Rav is similar in size to the current CR-V. So if the Rav 4 is no longer a “cute-ute”, and is too large, the CR-V is not a cute-ute either.

    Whatever names you want to make up, it still doesn’t change the fact that the Rav 4 is a compact SUV, just like the Escape, and just like the CR-V.

  6. the Outlander is great! i just have to get used to the sharp edged window for the 3rd row though…

    to all the guys who view this page… please investigate on the upcoming 4th gen Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero within this year- i know that the US market wont have this by model year 2007… the rest of the world will… see the full year FY2005 pdf report on mitsubishi japan’s site… thanks

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