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I know, I know… These are bad flash photos. The worse way to take pictures of a car interior.
But.. Still…

That much really fake looking wood doesn’t look good anywhere. It still reminds me of a 5 year old Korean car.
And the door panels still look really cheap to me.
Nothing like the Accord or Camry.
I don’t want to “bash” Saturn. I almost bought one when they first came out (until a super noisy test drive).
I do like the brand. But I think this car is facing very serious competition and trying to make it look like a Buick isn’t going to help.

Just stick with Opel. Don’t add cheap stuff to it, please….

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  1. Yes, that is some bad lighting.

    Having seen other photos of the Aura interior in New York, it looks a bit better than I thought it would.

    While there certainly is an overabundance of wood, the interior at least is not as depressing as the new Altima, or the Aura’s cousin, the Pontiac G6.

    The wood, combined with the two-tone interior looks somewhat inviting to sit in.

    For better or for worse, interior materials *look* to be about the same as the new Altima.

    Depending on pricing, this may do reasonably well, but likely won’t be a big hit. The competition in this segment is simply too fierce.

  2. i still cant help but to say this gm’s nicest interior in there midsize/full size cars (count out cadillac). its not phenomenal or ground breaking but its seems nice to me i think silver trim would better fit the saturn image instead of wood, but i still like it. but while these pics are up compare the dash to the dash on the altima and how similar everything i mean literally everything. its sad on nissans part

  3. As much as i hate seeing people criticise cars before they see them in real life, i must agree: they should have stuck with the
    Opel interior.

    It looks like Opel designed the exterior and Buick’s old designers did the inside.
    This car prooves Americans should never be allowed to design cars again!

  4. The Aura’s wood trim is no more unattractive than the fake wood or silver plastic available in the Camry, Altima or Accord. Try sitting in the Aura before condemning it to also-ran status. Having sat in several, I can say you’d be surprised. So will the competition.

  5. Sat in an Aura yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised too. It’s very inviting and cozy, though Saturn still has a long way to go before matching the Accord.

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