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Dodge officially calls the modifications “Bold styling”.
I won’t comment on that one.

New options include a 2nd row bucket seats, and a remote electric hatch.
But nothing else is new inside. It seems like they are happy with the cheap plastic they’ve been using so far.
Too bad really, because it actually is a fairly nice ride.
If you don’t mind the 12 mpg….

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  1. ok dcx please fire the employees that designed the front bumpers of the durango and the compass, both are fugly and way too big, look outta place and very odd.

  2. I think it would look better if the grill wasn’t chrome. Maybe making the lines were wider and had mesh on the inside.

  3. the durangos problem isnt the looks (but to me it looks like a ram and caravan crossed together), or the interior its gas prices and cars that get poor gas mileage. but havnt seem to hurt the new escalades which are selling really good, but i think trucks and suvs as a whole have dropped significantly in sales

  4. I doubt GM’s new SUVs will be holding up in sales when gas hits $3/gallon again. Of course, Escalade sales will be less affected simply because it’s a luxury SUV.

    Just when you think Chrysler was turning itself around, with products like the 300, they take a step backwards with products like the refreshed Ram, which lost it’s aggressiveness, the Caliber, the Durango/Aspen, all of which are ugly and both the Ram and Durango get horrible fuel economy, worse than the competition. Then there’s the Compass, which will really bring down Jeep’s reputation.

    And hybrids won’t be a guaranteed hit for Chrysler, or GM. Just look at Ford and their hybrid Escape; they’re having a bit of trouble selling them, and are actually using incentives and discounts to help sales. Meanwhile, Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid, despite being more expensive, is selling quite well in comparison. Even the luxury Lexus RX400h is selling better than the hybrid Escape.

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