More secret Cadillacs

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Even more shots from the Lutz interview.

These pictures show different cars that the one I showed before.
The profile, even though it was covered, looked more like a coupe. Lutz walked over and reveiled the rear of what looks like a concept to me. No bumpers…

And the covered car is a 3rd one.
Not sure what that is ….

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  1. Where Lutz’s hand is: is that the window line of the car? If so, would this be a compact coupé of some sort, say a CTS Coupé? Not that I expect Cadillac to challenge the BMW Compact or the Mercedes C Sportcoupé, but then the CTS was a bit of a surprise.

  2. It does look like a hatchback. The trunk opening would be too small for a regular coupe.

    I’ve heard before that Cadillac was indeed planing a coupe as well as a wagon for the current CTS.
    I guess they chickend out.
    It seems like they might go all out with the next one.
    Just like Lexus with the IS.

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