Mystery Car…

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What is it ???
I’ll give you a hint: I don’t know.

It could be the next Corolla. Or the next “larger and more upscale” Mazda 6.
I don’t think it’s a Nissan. It is too early for the new Galant. And it doesn’t look at all like what the new Lancer is supposed to be…
Anyone with inside info out there???

At least it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes on the web, right?

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  1. The headlights look a little like the Scion tC. Could it be the 4th Scion we’ve been hearing about?

  2. It probably isn’t the next Corolla.
    We already have an idea that the new model will have stong visual ties to the Yaris sedan, Prius, Camry, and Rav4.

    Also, it’s probably not a Scion either since it’s way too conservative in design.

    It could be one of two things:

    1) a chinese car knock-off that will never be seen on our shores.

    2) an upcoming Mercury sedan.
    Maybe the refreshed Montego or something else altogether.

    If it’s neither of those, then I can’t begin to guess what brand will get this vehicle.

  3. if it’s a toyota, it will have major sludge engine problems like ALL toyotas. Did you hear about the toyota truck recall just announced. I hate toyota because they DO have alot of problems, but never admit it. They have trippled their recalls in the past 4 years!

  4. My guess is that it’s not even a picture of any American-bound car. It looks too outdated and third-world to be something for North America. If anything, the grille and headlights look like Nissan, but everything below that looks more old-fashioned than any new Nissan would look.

    And Jim Hates Toyotas, you’re a fucking idiot. Go away.

  5. Ok it does look like a toyota/scion so i would be safe and say TC, but…it also looks like a spy shot we saw of the mercury mariner update..although it looks like a car, so who knows

  6. Ok it does look like a toyota/scion so i would be safe and say TC, but…it also looks like a spy shot we saw of the mercury mariner update..although it looks like a car, so who knows

  7. To ‘Jack Hates Toyotas’…

    I didn’t know you could tell the future, or had contacted the millions of Toyotas out there. Sludge problems don’t occur to all Toyotas, in fact, they occured to a select V-6 engine design (1997 genreation Camry V-6 3.0 Liter. I can say that because I just rode in my girlfriend’s Corolla, and recently drove her mom’s Lexus GX470 (made by Toyota). Making such a heavily biased post gives you exactly zero credibility. Post on a Toyota problems board, not here.

    Oh, and learn to spell, please. Tripled has one ‘p’, not two.

  8. Don’t know what it is, but my guess would be a tC update.

    On, and to others, try and not to feed the trolls. If you ignore them, they will go away.

  9. i agree with the posts that it looks like a TC. could it be a freshened matrix or is that too out there? aren’t the matrix/vibe twins due for a redesign soon anyway?

  10. I see a lot of different cars in there, a bit of mercury in the grille actually, and mazda3 in the lights. But it does look a lot like a Scion, or maybe a Toyota relative.

  11. I think it is the new Corolla. If you look at the current JDM model (see this link)

    You can see that they are very similar. Also pay close attention to the emblem design, eventhough the picture is blurred it seems that this is the JDM Corolla “C” emblem (This is the emblem used on JDM Corolla since the “New Century Value” campaign began in Japan.)

  12. It may not be a tC, I don’t see a glass roof on it..Maybe this is a photoshop of several cars pieced together…??

  13. Looks very Scion tCish to me.
    I thought the next Carolla was supposed to have the family snout? (ala Camry and Yaris)

  14. it’s not a scion cause it doesn’t have the signal lights on the mirrors like all the oter scion cars… and it can’t be the tC because it has those signal lights and this one doesn’t.. so it wouldn’t make sense that they would take away that feature

    iam basing it all on the turn signal.. HAH and iam sticking to it

  15. Maybe its the new Mercury version of the Mazda 3! This is all wrong, but im saying this because I see a Mercury grille, and Mazda lights. Mercury has used the Mazda 6 platform for the Milan, and the new Ford Focus and Mzda 3 share a platform, so I guess its possible.

    Oh, and wouldn’t the upscale Mazda 6 be called the Mazda 9, replacing the Millenia.

  16. Is it a new car form Renault Samsung, the oval company logo reminds me this may be a Renault Samsung car, is it the new SM3?

  17. First thing that popped into my head when looking at it, is that it’s a Mercury.

    It would be interesting if this was a Mercury version of the Mazda3 as someone said….

  18. It’s a Japmobile for sure, whether it’s a Corolla or not, I don’t know….If it were a Corolla, wouldn’t the leading edge of the hood have a bulge?

  19. I say Japanese-market Toyota Corolla. Japanese models have traditionally worn a ‘C’ badge, and not the Toyota globe.

  20. Why would it be the next gen Corolla? The prototypes that test in Europe have more straigher and larger front end. This could a an Asian market Corolla or it could be a chinese product

  21. Toyota cannot get a handle on a large , widespread engine sludge problem. they are still trying to hide it, but it will soon surface in consumer reports.

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