Mystery SUV. Part 2

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Another mystery.. At least to me.

It looks vaguely familiar… And I don’t know why, but it seems Korean to me.
The pictures were taken in the US.

Any idea???

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  1. not to sure about the exterior, but the interior is very nice and very detailed. judging from the interior i would say maybe the new highlander

  2. also vince u been nappin lately ? you seem to be slipping , first you wanna tell us that the new suzuki xl7 is based on the vue, nope more like (torent- equinox) and you get these old pics ? of the hyuandai EN and cant figure it out . i guess i need to get your email addy and help ya stay up to date, i see most pics you post before you do except those damn toyota pics with the fake background (always same angle out the office window) and cardboard camo on them , but boy am i searching for that source of pics !

  3. It is the new Hyundai Terracan. It the Land Cruiser, Pajero/Montero competitor from Hyundai. Apparently the new one is based one an extended version of the Santa Fe.

  4. can’t help it but the symbol under that front camo to me look very much so like KIA.
    …maybe a KIA version of the new Santa fe… do know

  5. Dayum!!! That interior looks like the bomb-dizzle fo shizzle! The Koreans are a force to be reckoned with…

  6. At first, I thought that was the new Highlander, but then looking at the camo, and the exterior styling, and noticing the odd side windows, I could tell it’s the new Hyundai SUV above the Santa Fe.

    That interior looks like one big Toyota copy, and that also lead me to initially believe it was the new Highlander. Then I saw the metal trim surrounding the wood trim, and immediately recognized as a Hyundai.

    Hyundai sure is “stepping it up a notch”. Before, where Hyundai copied Toyota’s dash design/layout and some exterior cues, now they seem to be copying Toyota’s rims, steering wheels, and even Toyota’s metallic centre dash.

  7. It does look like a mitsu though, and the rims too mook like they belong to mitsu. Could it be a replacement for the montero sport?

  8. Okay – TIME OUT!!!

    I think that the consensus is that this is the SUV above the Hyundai Santa Fe (codename EN, possibly the Terracan). It’s not a Toyota, Mitsu, or anything else other than a Hyundai.

  9. LOL!
    This is definitely the new ‘EN’ an upscale and larger SUV over the upcoming re-designed Santa Fe.

    What is so amusing is that every time Hyundai is on the verge of releasing a new design we hear about how close it looks like a Toyota or Honda.

    I guess that’s why the Sonata is a an Accord and why the new Elantra is a Corolla. I think this is an obvious case of competition envy.

    I hear Hyundai’s foot steps creeping up on both Honda and Toyota. LoL


  10. If anything, this thread just proves how bland styling has become. Or maybe the camo is that good!
    On a related note, I was traveling through Colorado and Nebraska last week and saw a couple lightly disguised Dodge Nitro SRTs going in the other direction. Also traveling with them was a camouflaged mini-ute looking just like the one displayed here. They were accompanied by a Grand Cherokee and a Commander. My question is, would DCX be helping either Kia or Hyundai with their testing or was it a coincidence that this mini-ute just happened to jump into this caravan?

  11. Jac, competion envy? Having a “head in the sand” ignorant attitude doesn’t help anything.

    Hyundai *themselves* have admitted before that they want to surpass Toyota, and that Toyota is their main competitor, and that they are always studying and striving to beat Toyota.

    The reason you keep hearing about Hyundai’s new designs looking like a Honda or Toyota, is because they DO.

    The new Elantra has a definite exterior similarility to the Corolla, and you have to be very ignorant to deny that. The Sonata *does* mimic the Accord’s taillights. Not so much this generation Accord, but the previous generation.

    And this “EN” or whatever it may be called in North America, mimic’s Toyota’s current silver interior panels.

    Hyundai isn’t creeping on anyone just yet. Before that happens, they need to reverse their declining profits, and sort out that big mess of scandal about top Hyundai officials using bribes and making slush funds for shady purposes. Recently, a group of Hyundai stockholders actually filed a suit against Hyundai, alleging that top Hyundai execs misused millions of company dollars to invest into some private ventures.

  12. It’s an Infiniti. I’m about 80% sure this is the new CX. The dash has a similarity to both the current FX and M, and oddly enough, I think there’s an Infiniti logo visible in the camo on the first pic.

  13. all of you are dumb. That is the Hyundai Veracruz. LOOK AT THE STEERING WHEEL!!! LOOK AT THE TAILLIGHTS. ITS NOT AN INFINITI

  14. its the new hyundai bigger than the santa fe, and presumeadly the luxury channel suv that hyundai wants to bring to the states, and these pics been on the net for awhile !

  15. Hey Tards,It is Korean, most likely Hyundai larger SUV Code EN. The steering wheel look like the on in the elantra.

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