new Audi TT (Part 3)

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Here are some official pictures.
I’ll get back to the unveiling in a minute.

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  1. its based on a golf, and costs how much more, what makes this anything more than a coupe version of the gti/a3, with a hell of a mark up. the interior isnt any nicer

  2. *yawns*

    Oh great, very little change to the design. This lazy redesign is almost as bad as Porsche’s recent 911 redesign.

    But I guess VW think they’re Audi, it’s natural for Audi to think they’re Porsche. What’s next? Porsche thinking that they’re Ferrari’s equal and start charing $180,000 for a base 911?

    I haven’t seen one exciting car from Audi in years. I loved the original A4, last gen A6 and TT. But the new A4, A3, A6, A8, and this TT are just all huge disappointments, and I’m sure there’s more to come with their silly Merc R class competitor.

  3. while i’m somewhat enthusiastic abuot the exterior styling.

    I see audis and bmw’s looking similar in the future.

    The interior is a BIG letdown.

    probably nice materials, but who cares how it feels if it’s ugly.

  4. im retarded anyone that would buy a tt, is retarted comeon an over $40,000 car based on a car that starts at like 17,000, that uses the same engines as the version that starts at 23,000 essentially the same materials, same transmission, and that makes for an over $40,000 car because of an arched roof line, and an audi badge please thats idiotic and foolish

  5. Nice evolution, but I was never a fan of the original. Jung makes a good point: the Germans tend to like evolutions in form, rather than revolutions. Only Bangle had the guts to break from that at BMW—although I hate BMWs …

  6. I agree with the comment against Porsha. I myself don’t see the reason they call their cars a redesign every time, while the damn thing looks the same. However, I have to say…this Audi is hot! At least they are doing better on their designs Vs. the other Germans. And Mercedes seems like they have just been mesmerized by “The War Of the World” because they all look like space ship.

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