New BMW 3 Series Coupe

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Nothing new really…

We’ve seen tons of pictures of this car already. But these new ones seem to show the whole thing for the 1st time.
Thanks to these new cell phone pictures, we can see that once again, the “coupe” is just a 2 door version of the sedan.
With nothing special to it.

For the faithfull only…

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  1. can we read name this site, the Japanese Car worship site please. lol. you talked up the g35, and altima, and continue to trash all things german, 2 cars that just came out and need alot of work. its not just a 2 door version of the sedan, and if it were that is what a coupe is lol. the rear is different the roof line different, the body line is different. i guess people are just trying to cheer for the underdogs, and hate the best cars………….Vince burlaps Japanase car praise site

  2. Hey 7:04 AM Anonymous…

    I don’t personally agree that German cars get trashed on this website. Mercedes always tend to be thought of rather highly, and I think Vince rather liked the new VW Passat if my memory serves me correctly…

    But the problem with BMW is that they used to be so beautiful and now they’re not. Sure, some people prefer the new designs, but I’d say most people detest the new designs and think it’s a tragedy how a once amazing vehicle has now fallen from grace.

    You cannot beat the driveability of a BMW – people who love Japanese cars, do not argue with this fact! But yes… Japanese cars are now consistently offering better value, reliability and looks than their German counterparts.

    And you know what, 25 years from now people won’t be moaning that Lexus can’t be prestige as it’s got no history because they’ll be coming out with Limited Edition “50 years of Lexus” models!!

  3. Where do you see
    “trashing of anything german”???
    I’m just saying this is not original.
    I never sais it was a bad car.
    I do like the Passat and many other German cars.

    You need to read the site before you post.

  4. It’s the simplicity of the BMW 3 Series coupe that makes it such an attractive vehicle, unlike the over-stylized, what-design-theme-shall-we-beat-to-death-now posers from Japan. Sure they might drive right, but they’re styling is too often laughable.

  5. ive read the site before, just look at everything you have posted about mercedes that wasnt an s class, anything that even saids bmw. anything that is honda, or toyota you trash bmw. everytime its not that serious they are just cars just never understood why people dislike bmws and mercedes to dillusion. the site isnt bad i really like coming to see the new models. but its just annoying, there is nothing original about any japanese car i have ever seen period, and especially on this site, but the altima camry, and g35 recieve praise. boring, cheap interiors(every infiniti) and low scale platforms(honda, but gm is trashed for this). but again its my opinion, and im judging by other posts ive read on some blogs im not the only one that agrees, yeah bmw costs more than the competition, is the understood benchmark in alot of segments, believe value is for lesser cars, and that interior styling should high quality, classic, businees like, and not flashy but no reason to hate them. come join the bmw owners club best luxury cars out there period.

  6. Finally…here is a decent shot of the new 3 coupe. All the hype surrounding this car is nauseating (and apparently from this photo—not worth it). I remember when early photos of a new BMW were mouth watering. Not so much anymore, huh? This doesn’t offend…but it doesn’t inspire either. My favorite is still the E36.

  7. So they fired Bangle and hired toyota to do design. NICE. Now if they got toyota to do the reliability they would be all set.

  8. lol thats funny nothing on this car looks like a toyota at all. lexus has been copying bmw desighns for years including that new is, and gs(yawn, another bad attempt). lexus has 2 entry level cars just to compete with the 3 series(and still failing at it) tell you what since 3 series are already reliable lets try when toyota starts making “real” cars instead of appliances with wheels and engines than maybe…oh who am i kidding toyota’s will never be better than bmw’s lol. haha bmw that looks like carved pieces of soap funny…you toyota guys are so dillusional its cute…

  9. the front is clean. are the headlights shaped slightly differently than the sedan?

    the rear tailights look really plain – they don’t seem like they have jeweled lenses or LEDs. does anyone else see mazda millenia + 7-Series? At least they don’t resemble daewoo taillights like on the sedan…

    i want to like the current 3 but the interior and rear ends really need work. The body line crease is my favorite element and the front is clean except for those 2 vertical creases that mar the lines of the front.

  10. Actually, I don’t see any Lexus in it, but I do see a bit of Acura RL. However, I highly doubt they were copying, this is a benchmark car.

  11. Wow, what the hell happened to the recognizable BMW tail light? Take out the bmw grilles and this is a Japanese car!

    The most disturbing thing about the recent BMW design development is the fact that now the only thing the entire BMW lines have in common is the badge and the grill.

    There is no family resemblance that used to tie the previous 3, 5, and 7 series together. With the design, Mercedes has been on a role for the past few years. BMW really blew it again.

  12. Actually the taillights recall the new Sonata plus an additional piece tacked onto the trunk lid. Disappointing is such an understatement.

  13. I’m just having trouble really liking this car. I mean I’m sure it would be nicer if I saw it on the streets, but the taillights are very plain to me, and the character lines do nothing to help it. Though this car is simple, and simplicity can usually work out, it didn’t work out on this design. I expected more from BMW, but I’ll get used to it.

  14. I agree Jung. It’s almost as though each BMW model is getting it’s own seperate design language, instead of actually having the whole BMW lineup with a consistent design theme.

    The rear definitely does remind me of the Mazda Millenia. But I must admit the rear is at least better looking than the sedan, which reminds me of a Daewoo Lanos.

    It will be interesting to see how the next G35 coupe, and the upcoming IS coupe will look like.

  15. I used to love BMW 3-series, but not any more. The 1999-2005 3-series was the best car ever. The new 3-series couple looks, cheap and and nothing mouth dropping. I hope the new Infiniti G35 looks like the concept.

  16. Who is going to buy a 2 door Corolla? If people wanted a corolla they would buy the real thing from toyota.

  17. I can’t wait to own a 3 series coupe…Too bad it has to be used, because this thing is so overwrought in its design it needs to take a page out of another automaker’s book. Sad really, because the BMW’s of yesterday (read: 2000 era 3,5,and 7 series sedans).

  18. Another boring 3-Series coupe. Why not just get the sedan? Looks better, more practical, and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have one of the best handling sedans in the world.

  19. To Mr “anonymous” who thinks I hate german cars:
    I do not.
    You have not read the site correctly.
    I am just stating the facts about reliability.
    You can check them on the JD Power site yourself.
    (A good friend of mine works for them)

    If you think “all Infiniti interiors are cheap” you have never sat in a M45.
    I haven’t praised the new G35 ( I actually refered to it as a melted version of the current model, and a dissapointment)
    As for the Honda “low scale platforms”, you have obviously never driven a new Accord.

    I agree that interiors should be high quality. Which is not really the case in the new 3 series.

    Get a driver’s licence before you criticize cars you’ve never driven.

    And also,,,,, Get a girlfriend.

  20. actually I own a 02-330i, and a 06 550i, and yes ive sat in the m, and it was terribly cheap, there isnt a magazine, or “real” car website that saids otherwise. infinitis are unrefined, they are cars with high tech features poorly executed cabins, and poor ride quality all boiling down to a faux luxury car. secondly consumer reports, saids they are reliable, bmws rank high in the jd power associate studies, and i will post links to prove it on top of that, they have very high brand loyalty. When you own something other than more than likely “judging by how educated, and certainly debonair you sound-total sarcasm” you dont like bmws because you cant own one. which is why people talk up accords and camrys against everything. facts are facts every magazine, and legitimate car review site praises bmws quality, handling, and overall superior to the competition, let me state it again “every”. so stay in the minority ignorrance is bliss to many, and as far as the childish, “low level” remarks regarding myself, by all means continue to prove my point as to how lower rung, and b rate you and this site are. now you have a nice day.

  21. Why do you spend so much time on this “B rate site” is beyong me.
    Dont’ you want to spend time doing things you enjoy?

    Eveybody’s a tough guy under the name “Anonymous”…

  22. Meh. Side appearance is not quite as blase as Lexus, but it’s getting close. Front looks decent enough.

    And since Anon mentioned the car, did the taillights of this coupe come off of a ’96 Camry? LOL…

  23. i see … thx vince

    actually the front of the new coupe is nice but the back is a lil dissapointing… as u said that was the old illustrations… i think the rear part from the old illustration is nicer

  24. To those of you raving about the “simple”, elegant design…. I don’t know which car you’re looking at but the recent BMW’s are anything but simple looking — including this one. Look at all the intersecting lines, the bumps, creases and all the visual gimmicks. Yes, BMW makes great hadling cars. But they are not the styling leader they once were.

    Sad to say, most of the people that buy them are status seeking idiots. They know nothing about cars but drive like jerks, weaving around and cutting people off in their automatic transmission, vinyl upholstered base model bimmers.

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