New BMW 3 series Coupe

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Finally, official pictures…..

A nice looking car, just like the previous one. But not really better looking that the old one.
(I hope this is not taken as “trashing the mighty BMW name”)

Wondering what the interior looks like?
Go to your local BMW dealer and check out the 3 series sedan, and imagine longer front doors. And no rear doors.

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  1. The hood and side view look like something that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  2. i have a question, what does the interior of the clk look like, the interior of the g35 coupe look like, the c70,and i would bet the new is THEY LOOK LIKE 2 DOOR VERSIONS OF THE FOUR DOOR THEY WERE BASED ON…..a coupe is a “2 door version of the car it was based on.” i mean comeon why is bmw picked apart for doing what they have been doing for years and what everyone is doing… a bmw owner i think the styling is to busy, i like the last generation coupe styling better the lines were cleaner. but i think it looks nice. but again i mean come on with the interior thing…

  3. The CLK interior does not look the same as the C Class, same for the exterior.
    The G35 coupe exterior is not the same as the sedan either.

    I didn’t say it was a bad thing to have the same interior as the sedan.. Did you read that anywhere???

    Or are you really way too sensitive to anything said about BMW?

  4. I hate to say this, but I wish this car looked ugly like the Z4. Right now, this car is just so blah looking there’s nothing we can comment on as far as styling.

    I mean, the design reeks of safe styling choices. It’s like some of the posters here raided the home of the BMW 5 series designer at night, put potato sack over his head and clubbed him repeatedly while yelling into his ear “I HATE THE NEW 5! DON’T F#%@ up the 3 Coupe!” And under months of terror, this is the design he came up with.

    Actually when I look at this, you know what I’m reminds of? What Honda did to the Accord Coupe. It looks different from the Sedan, but even without the 2-extra rear doors, it somehow looks worse and boring.

    *disclaimer: I own an Accord Sedan. lol

  5. theres something about the taillights….. are they too long or something.. just don’t look too sporty to me

  6. Since the debut of new 3 series, it the ugliest crap along with the X3 line… the butt is just as ugly as the sedan and copy cars like 03/04 accord or sonata, lucky the coupe does not have “american cars style” red turning signals…
    Those engineers must have drank millon gallons of beer when they built this car (an accident almost occured in the C/D comparison Test), what a shame….

  7. Im not a BMW hater, but look at those rear lights and compare them to the Mazda Millenia S. Tell me if it looks similar. And don’t be a Jap-basher. I know BMW didn’t copy anyone, but the design just isn’t orgininal, its bland and expected. I hope Lexus doesn’t make the same mistake with the IS coupe.

  8. G, I completely agree that the taillights (and i’ll add that in the second photo, fromthe rear wheel back) resemble the millenia!

    the rear wheel looks really small with the lack of the rear door cutlines.

    and those creases between the headlights and grille that run all the way down the front ruin the 3’s clean lines in the front. and yes, i know that both sedan and coupe have them. too bad they didn’t erase them for the coupe.

  9. i said interior, not exterior. and im not to sensitive about bmw stuff like some hear ive read i just said that the old coupe looks better because the styling is way to busy. its way to many lines, to many creases, and they seem to line up the rear, and the front are oddly matched. im just saying the interiors of the cars i mentioned are essentially the same as the coupes they are based on. and as far as the clks exterior styling for whatever reason it is positioned above the c class its a huge price difference, and from what ive read it actually costs less to build. but its dash is straight out of the c class, and so is the g35 coupe, and c70 coupe there interiors are identical to the sedans.

  10. After getting used to the sedan, I have to say this car is very bland and for all that money some idiots are paying for it, couldn’t put some LED tail lamps in there?
    I don’t car what any one say, the back is definitly not German, it looks more like Japanese to me.
    Tail lights remimds me of some European Nissan. Does any one remember the old Infinity I30?

  11. After getting used to the sedan, I have to say this car is very bland and for all that money some idiots are paying for it, couldn’t they put some LED tail lamps in there?
    I don’t care what any one say, the back is definitly not German, it looks more like Japanese to me.
    Tail lights remimds me of some European Nissan. Does any one remember the old Infinity I30?

  12. this car looks nothing like anything else, not all that nice looking, but doesnt look like anything else. the lights look like the 7 series. the front end, and body lines are different from the sedan, but i think the sedan looks nicer. some people are just idiots…..i guess japanese cars so unoriginal they invent that something hell anything looks like them lol

  13. As I said before, I don’t care what any one say. This thing still look like a piece of sh*t for a $40,000 car.
    Sure, we all know the Japs don’t invent, but they sure do a good job at improving. I think the Germans and idiots like yourself are learning it the hard way.
    The French invented automobile, but the U.S. did it better. So now you tell me, which Country is more known for Automobile? Hm……I think that will be America.

  14. Gotta love those Mazda Millenia Taillights… This is BMW, the ultimate driving machine? It better drive great, because it isn’t the ultimate design, more of a copy.

  15. Very true anonymous, many people think Americans invented the car, but really they only improved the production process. And the Japanese making cars better is just the next step. Europeans might have invented the automobile, but Americans made them popular, and now the Japanese (and other East Asians) will refine them.

  16. your the retard, my comment states that people “invent” that japanese cars look like other cars because they are so unoriginal. learn to read and as far as your comment, its just as stupid as everyone elses here, people are just waiting for the top car to be taken by the under dogs and when it wont happen they simply invent that bmw, looks like other cars. cars that dont even look anywhere close. the azera looks like an avalon, nothing on a mazda millenia is even close to this, toyota has never made a car that looked anything like this car, and lexus has copying bmw and mercedes for years and still dont have car that looks like this car. dillusional , incredibly

  17. ” Anonymous said…

    Because we so care what a ranting “anonymous” has to say.”

    He makes a better point than most people on here!

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